Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Spirit of co-existence in Sharing Screenspace.


       A popular hero sharing  screen space with fellow actors playing lead roles,with a genuine spirit of accommodation,reflects his  understanding of the principle of co-existence, besides  revealing his faith in his own acting credentials.In this regard,Sivaji Ganesan willingly shared his acting space with fellow heroes like S.S.Rajendran, Gemini Ganesan,Muthuraman,Jai Shankar, Ravichandran and Sivakumar.Later,he even acted with the most popular heroes of his younger generation,like Rajinikanth, Kamalahasan and Sathyaraj.It is said Sivaji even used to patronize and support his fellow actors.
      But MGR was a different phenomenon.As MGR's films had more scope for villain roles,he would happily accommodate the most popular villain actors like P.S.Veerappa,M.N.Nambiyar, S.A.Asokan and R.S.Manohar.It is a known fact that almost all MGR movies were built on the base of poetic justice where,virtue will always conquer vice, in the prolonged battle between good and bad.As MGR was always cast as the one and only good Samaritan, it perhaps restricted the space for another hero of equal, or less importance.But still,MGR acted one movie with Sivaji,['Koondukkili'] one with Gemini Ganesan['Mugarasi']two each with Muthuraman [Oru Thai Makkal 'and 'En Annan'] and Sivakumar['Kavalkaran' and 'Idhayaveenai'] one  with A.V.M. Rajan[Engal Thangam] The only other hero with whom MGR shared screen space was S.S.Rajendran.
     The screen co-existence team spirit has been a genial affair with many popular heroes of Hindi Cinema and with the two mega heroes of Malayalam movies Mammooti and Mohanlal.This pair would have acted together in almost fifty movies and are ready to share film  plots, even now  provided they have the time. Kamalahasan and Rajinikanth who would have acted together in about ten movies,may not hesitate to share the screen and stage whenever they get the chance for it.Among the top  Tamil heroes of of the new millennium,Vijay and Ajit have acted together only in one movie[Rajavin Paarvaiyile].Vijay was again ready to share screen space twice with Soorya ['Nerukku Ner' and 'Friends'].The latest movie that contained ample room for many heroes was 'Nanban' where Vijay,Jeeva and Srikanth put up a friendly show.
     Tamil audience are waiting for the day to see real team spirit and friendly feel to prevail upon film actors,so that self obsession in any form, takes the back seat in creative ventures and movie watch really becomes worthy of entertainment norms stipulated for an  aesthetic experience.The film fans' associations should also realize that movies matter more than their heroes and hero worship. 

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