Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Clean Movie Concept.


   Every one is familiar with categories of films as comedies and tragedies,action movies and family dramas, thrillers and horror movies. But the term clean movie is something that most of the film goers can not interpret because such a thing is beyond the purview of some of the film makers themselves. Many do not know that a clean movie is like a clean environment that becomes indispensable for a healthy life. Clean movies can spring only from a clean creative mind that does not permit even a backdoor entry of the undesirable, that would impregnate a skit with impurities.A clean movie is a fountain of positive energy that makes the audience sit up to receive a flow of ideas emotions and experiences that become a recipe for new directions in real life.A clean movie never hurts the audience either physically or emotionally and it is always meant for a family watch.
         A clean film may be a comedy or tragedy or family drama.Some times even action movies could be clean in their perspective and presentation.The most discordant elements of a clean picture are the reels of perversity,manipulation,backstabbing,crude display of obscenity,and sadistic villainy  that reflect a state of diseased psyche. People after all, go to the cinema houses to be away, at least for a short time, from the pressing ordeals of their routine.If their thinking is air lifted for breathing in, fresh ideas through visuals and words,we can say the film has served the purpose for which it was made.It does not mean that films should be instructive or moralistic,because that is not the objective of cinema.But definitely one should not show wrong roads with dead ends, as the route to enjoyment. Negative themes are certainly road blocks for those who want to travel safely to their entertainment terminals. 
     Can any one say that a movie like 'Missiamma' did not entertain or it disturbed their mind as an entertainer?It was a clean comedy without any trace of vulgarity or negative undercurrents.'Adutha Veetupen' was another great comedy of this generation that proved its clean format from beginning till the end. 'Bama Vijayam' was again a clean comedy show,with a throw of lessons on frugality and decent living. Balachander's other movie 'Punnagai' was a clear journey towards the destination of Truth,without any deviation and his'Vellivizha' established a clean scope for man-woman relationship surpassing the demands for sexual intimacy. Cho Ramasamy's 'Unmaye Un Vilai Enna' was an unassailable satire on society in a motiveless laughter mode. 
     Most of the movies of Sridhar like 'Sumaidhangi,' 'Policekaranmagal' ,'Nenjil Oer Alayam' carried an ennobling stuff.  Manirathnam's 'Mounaragam' was a fascinating presentation of the conjugal core,decently told. Vikraman's tremendous source of positive thinking has made many of his movies clean to the best of his intentions.He makes his protagonists do their best to make others happy and never allows them to indulge in depression and tragic philosophizing. This supreme element of positive selflessness was the base of all his movies like 'Poove Unakkaga','Sooryavamsam' 'Unnai Ninaithu' 'Vanathaipola' and 'Unnidathil Ennai Koduthein' .Even the comedy portions in his movies were generally unpolluted.
     How beautifully, Lingusamy the maker of speedy action movies, came out with a clean family drama in 'Anandam' and made all those who watched the movie, enjoy.There was a particular scene in that movie, showing the arrival of an undesirable man stepping on a heap of cow dung, to mean symbolically,how unpleasant the filth was going to be,for the emotionally clean family fabric.
     Ezhil demonstrated a decent show of love in 'Thullaadha Manamum Thullum' and 'Poovellaam Unvaasam' Similarly Rajeev Menon was true to the concept of making clean movies by presenting love stories with dignity and grace both in 'Kandukondein Kandukondein' and 'Minsaarakkanavu' Though the hero was a confused  lot in Karu Pazhaniappan's 'Parthiban Kanavu,' the clear headed director ultimately made the hero realize the cleaner roots of conjugal life. In 'Mugavari' Durai finely presented the concerted efforts of a family to help the hero realize his dreams of becoming a  music director. Vasanth is another notable director who has made clean movies like 'Keladi Kanmani' and 'Poovellaam kettuppar' that entertained everybody, without sound and fury.
      Agathiyan's 'Kadal Kottai' and 'Gokulathil Seedhai' told tales of romance and  transformation of  character from promiscuity to plain living respectively,with a clean mode of narration. Ravichandran should also be complimented for his clean sense of screen play in his 'Kannethire Thounrinal' that made a love story decently watchable. 
       Some of the recent family entertainers like M. Raja's 'Santhosh Subramaniam',Mithran Jawhar's 'Uthama Puthiran',and R.Kannan's 'Jeyankondan', can surely be included in the list of clean movies. Cheran's 'Barathi Kannamma' and 'Autograph'  Sasi's 'Rojakootam' Saran's 'Vasool Raja MBBS' and the grand master Shankar's latest film 'Nanban' have all generated a lot of positive energy and cathartic content to occupy proud positions as clean productions.
      Malayalam film directors like Fazil,Sibi Malayil and Kamal are best known for their forthright moves towards making films of a classic, clean order.Most of the Malayalam films of Fazil  and their Tamil remakes were of the cleanest stuff.Some of his Malayalm hits that need a special mention are 'Life is Beautiful' 'Noketha Dhoorathu Kannum Nattu' [Tamil'Poove Poocudava']'Aniyathpravu' [Tamil'Kadhalukku Maryadhai']and his other Tamil films like 'En Pommu Kutti Ammavukku'and 'Poovizhi Vaasalile'. Sibi Malayil's 'Summer in Bethlehem' is also a precise example of what a clean film could be.
       Bagyaraj,the master craftsman whose different voice of humour and healthy mischief have endeared him to a vast section of the Tamil audience,and the women section in particular,has mostly dwelt on the ticklish issues of man-woman sexual relationship and family emotions.But he has come out with two cleanest films from his directorial delivery point.The first one was 'Darling Darling and Darling' that narrates a story of serene romance cherished from childhood with shades of innocence and naive indulgence.This movie is also credited for bringing actor Purnima to the family net of Bayaraj as his wife in real life. The other movie 'Sokka Thangam' starring Vijayakanth and Prakash Raj,both acting in a low profile, was an unadulterated family drama with  characters and situations  making a clean impact on the audience.
      Radha Mohan,the recent breeze of Tamil cinema,should be commended for consistently clinging to the concept of clean cinema, His films, like those of Vikraman, provide a soothing touch with a qualitative inclusion of the clean characteristics. We can take home memories of the feel of an  all pervading clean sense in all his movies released so far.  His poetic and suggestive titles like 'Azhagiya Theeye'. and 'Mozhi' with a speech impaired heroine, enrich the aesthetic value. 'Abiyum  Naanum' was an exuberant show of paternal love with a subtle presentation of sublime emotions of a devoted father undergoing the plight of parting with his beloved daughter. Even the narration of his latest 'Payanam', containing  the story of hijack of a flight by terrorists,was a breezy affair, with a greater thrust on the funny and serious behavioural patterns of the flight passengers rather than making it a typical high end action drama. One can say for sure, that none of his outputs, carried anything undesirable so as obstruct a healthy watch.
      Each one definitely has an inbuilt attitude, formula and impetus of thought process for film making so as to give shape to one's creative urge in one's own style.The struggles undergone by movie makers to produce films that would truly portray their dreams and aspirations, are known only to them.The intention of the writer is not to down grade great movies of other genres.But the point of observation made here,is that,those who responsibly take care of the mental and emotional health of the audience, deserve a special mention.


  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I am a big fan of clean comedians. I feel like hey have to more creative and inventive than vulgar comics. They cant just rely on raunchy stories or curse words.

    1. Thank you for sharing your response.