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The High Pitch Heart Throb of Tamil Film Music.

       When M.V.Raman’s Konjum Salangai starring gemini Ganesan and Savithri was released in 1962, the film became a great hit of that decade as much for its richness in story value and narration as for its musical component particularly for the song ‘Singaara Velane Dhevaa’. Gramophone records of the song sold like hot cakes and it found a lasting place in the archives of Tamil film music.The inseparable mix of nadhaswaram music{Kaarakkurichi Arunachalam} and the voice of the singer, created the special effect for the immortality of the song. Not only did the song become a super hit overnight, but the singer also became famous like Lord Byron, who was said to have awakened one fine morning and found himself famous, on publication of his 'Don Juan'.S.Janaki the high pitch singer, stole the hearts of music lovers by her captivating voice 
    S.Janaki is perhaps the only female playback singer who started her singing career during the days of melody queen P.Suseela and other veteran singers like M.L.Vasanthakumari, Jikki,A.P.Komala,Jamuna Rani and L.R.Eswari and continued to rule Tamil Film Music for an endless number of years even when she was joined by other potential singers like Vani Jeyaram and later by several other new generation voices like those of Chitra, Sujatha, Jenzi  [late] Swarnalatha, and quite a lot of young new talents. Janaki braved the ever growing storm of competition with ease and felicity, lending her voice for many immortal songs with substance and capacity for sustenance.Awards do not matter for her, though she should have been adorned with the top most honours by this time.The voice of this multi lingual singer, has the right essence of qualitative music, that can ever make the process of listening both instinctive and exalting.Left to myself,I am a hardcore fan of this sweet,mellifluous and penetrating voice, that can spontaneously raise and subside a flood of emotions.
   Most of the songs delivered by this wonderful singer, were in high pitch note without losing the base of sweetness and aurally soothing component of voice frame. Starting from her earlier days when she came out with solo hits like ‘Vasanthkaala Kolangal’{Thiagam} 'Maadhaa Un Kovilil' {Achaani}or great duets like 'Oho Endhan baby' 'Kaalaiyum Neeye' both, with A.M.Raja {Thein Nilavu} ‘Oh! Oh! Mambazhathu Vandu’ {Sumaidhaangi} ‘Poojaikku Vandha Malare Vaa’{Paadha kaanikkai} with P.B.Srinivas and Kaathalin Pon Veedhiyil with TMS {Pookkaari}, her voice mellifluously used to shuttle between high pitch and the lowest soothing ebb in a gliding process.
   Though M.S Viswanathan and K.V.Mahadevan would have selectively utilized her singing potential, it was music prophet Ilayaraja who sumptuously capitalized on her magic and mastery of singing. Starting from his first film Annakkili, with the super hit song 'Machaana Paatheengala',Ilayaraja has consistently explored the voice richness and singing caliber of Janaki to a profuse extent, thereby exposing the music lovers to a continued experience in a fantasy of tunes.Imagine the intensity of emotion and its relevant voice quotient gracefully and proportionately mixed in a fine tuning composition, in quite a lot of popular numbers like ‘Sendhoorappove Sendhoorappove’{Padhinaaru Vayadhinile}'Poovarasampoo Poothaachu' {Kizhakke Pogum Rayil},Rojaappoo Thedivandhadhu {Agni Natchatram}'Paadavaa En Paadalai' {Naan paadum Paadal} 'Azhagu Malar Aada' {Vaidhehi Kaathirundhaal} ‘Chinna Chinna Vanna Kuyil’{Mouna Raagam} 'Adho Andha Nadhiyoram' {Ezhai Jaadhi}'Adi Aathaadi Manam Rakka Katti  Parakkudhu Koothadi' {Kadalora Kavidhaigal} Vetti Veru Vaasam{ Mudhal Mariyadhai } and 'Maniye Manikkuyile' {Naadodithendral}to mention a few.It was an ecstatic experience to listen to the sensuous richness and the exalting attitude in Janaki’s voice that would endear human imagination to an undeviating musical experience.
    S.Janaki is not lacking in generating the best kind of melodies, that would enslave human ears, longing for tender human emotions like love and compassion. Be it a song like ‘Thookam Un Kangalai Thazhuvattume’ {Alyaysmani} composed by M.S.Viswa- nathan or ‘Ooru Janam Thoongiduchu’ tuned by both Viswanathan and Ilayaraja [MellaThirandhadhu Kadhavu}or the most piercing numbers like ‘Azhagiya Kanne’{UdhiriPookkal} ‘Thaalaattu Maaripponadhe’ {Unnai Naan Sandhithein}'Raasaave Varuthama' {Mudhal Mariyadhai} 'Nilavu Thoongum Neram' {with SPB in Kungumachimizh}' Maargazhi Thingalallavaa' {Sangamam, under A.R.Rehman's composition} 'Maanguyile Poonguyile' with S.P.B in Karahaattakkaaran} and 'Yaarppadum Paadal Enraalum'{ with Malaysia Vasudevan in Paattukku Naan Adimai },the impact of a kind of heart rending melody remained as the singular asset of Janaki. 
   Only a few samples of Janaki's epoch making songs have been mentioned here.The profound throw and wide reach in Janki's voice always created an incomparable impression of tunes settling down rhythmically like one’s own heart beat, celebrating intrinsic peace and harmony.Most often, the profound sweetness in her voice proved to be a combination of clarity and force found in Lata Mangeshker and the titillating charm of Asha Bhosle. Age could not wither her musical might and she has always maintained the charm in her voice. With her most gifted voice, well formed for the high pitch galaxy, Janaki is the real heart throb of  the music-prone mankind.


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  3. Nasal Tone, Screechy Voice, Abhashruthi, sings like a Rat caught between the doors - these are the things that come to my mind. FYI, there are two divine voices in Indian cinema - Lata Mangeshkar & Lata of the South - P Susheela. Time again they have been hailed by their peers and Composers for their vocal divinity. Recently IR mentioned that SJ had a very mediocre voice - How sad from a composer who used her. Hmm.. You seem to be like one of those Vijay TV immatutre kids who praise SJ. Listen to that song form "Hemavathi" Kannada film and throw rotten eggs at her.

    1. Music like all other art forms is absolutely a matter of personal preference .In matters of aesthetic discussion and exchange of views one's language is also expected to be under aesthetic norms.Taste of fine arts represents one's mind frame and use of language.This blog contains articles on many film personalities and there is an article on P.Susheela too,with the title The Nightingale of Tamil Cinema.I am a staunch adorer of all components of film making.I am not prepared to undermine the talent of any one.I don't mind to be called immature if some one who has higher levels of maturity to call me so.

  4. Janaki Amma... You're gifted by god

  5. And we are gifted too,to reach her singing glory.