Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Lyrical Ladder of Tamil Cinema. { A Homage to Lyricist Vaalee}

                                                         {1931 to  2013}

The throb of Tamil film music beat well
On your trendy thoughts’ literary spell.
It looked as though you lived to write;
Born endowed, with a creative might.
Cutting your roots orthodox, you moved,
To the broader skies, booing your brood.
On the poetic pan of an Ariya-Dravida mix,
Your lines put the parochial notions in a fix.

You learnt to live from the instructive quotes,
Emerging from your contemporary’s notes.
Heroes and heroines of different decades,
Sang your words through lip sync grades.
Lyrically a Ranger, with your radical rhyme,
You freed romance, from its controlled clime.
You knew the commoner by his pulse and beat;
Your ideas propelled his dreams,without retreat.

‘Let us praise those who share what they get’
You said, making the socialist mode, well set.
‘Will the breeze refuse to enter the doors of a hut?’
You asked,making the mouths of the greedy rich,shut . 
‘Will the moon hate to throw its light for the poor?’
You raged, raising your voice with empathy sure.
You outlined values for a kid to become a leader
And said, good children are the country’s ladder

‘When the sky sheds tears, the earth will smile’ you said;
The earth sheds tears now, watching you smilingly dead .
Your loss will make the creative clan profoundly grieve;
But your lyrics will live here long, their hopes to retrieve.


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