Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Peerless Peak Among Tamil Film Makers.

        K.B, The Kinetic Bastion of Tamil Cinema,
        Who served films, as food palatable to all.
        Cracked hurdles as water bubbles,
        Swam bravely, against the tides of sham norms,        
        Echoed rational spirit, as the base of human living,        
        Staged serial shows, on behalf of oppressed women,
        Distinguished marriages on the line of convention
        Conviction and each one's convenience,
        Made Gandhian smile beam on the big screen,        
        Drew bigger parallel lines over the small,
        Let the modest  rise high, with a sense of wisdom,        
        Beat perverse notes, to display the vagaries of life,
        Played with words, on subtle and sublime notes,
        Flew high, with creative wings in the blue sky,
        Steered debutantes into lime light at his beck and call,
        Lived only to love films and loved them with a big bang,        
        Has left legendary themes, lofty skits and life- like characters
        As his living legacy, besides a Leviathan void.
        Let the void remain, celebrating his memory and the glory 
        Of his monumental movies, colorfully black and white.


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