Friday, February 6, 2015

Taxing Among the Trilogy.


       No doubt Gautham Vasudev Menon's ''Ennai Arindhaal'' was eagerly looked forward to, not because of the hype made by the media about the film, but because of the quality stuff, that the director is capable of, as a film maker.What a brilliant show 'Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu' was,as a  a differently narrated cop story and how compact Kaakka Kaakka was, frame by frame as an emotionally told police story.But here, the monologue kind of narration,the shuttling between breezy and noisy picturing of events, with out anything new in the story line, make the whole process of watching the film a frustrating experience.The solacing moments are the few scenes involving Ajith and Trisha and the break that Ajith takes with his adopted daughter to Jodhpur. Vivek's talent for sensible humour has been under utilized and the reasons for the hero's aversion for the gangster world has not been poignantly presented.
     The most redeeming factors of the film are the rich lyrics of Thamarai and a couple of melodious numbers by Harris Jeyaraj. The film should definitely give a break for Arun Vijay but he should learn to control his decibel.The pre climax chase and run events are worth watching, thanks to the speed in narration. Ajith looks chic and charming and does not disappoint his fans as a performer with style and grace. Gautham Menon continues his adoration of fatherhood and his dignified presentation of women.But on the whole,in spite of the exquisite aesthetic components in narration, the film is taxing with its background music score and the intermittent bouts of loud delivery of dialogues.To me, it seems to occupy only the third place in the trilogy of police stories of Gautham Menon, for want of a valid and creditable story line and lack of fresh course of events, that would otherwise have made it a great film, on the uniformed service.

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