Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Fascinating Film Maker is No More.

     Ameerjan,a noted film maker of the Nineteen Eighties and Nineties has passed away.He would have directed more than a dozen movies,of which Poovilangu,Vannakanavugal and Siva were for the Kavithalaya banner.The fact that he was closely associated with Director K.Balachander is solid proof of his creative stuff. Ameerjan as a film maker is known for mixing romance with ruggedness and crime.Unlike other directors,his two chosen heroes were Murali and Karthik,though he gave the two hit movies Siva and Uzhaithu Vaazhavendum with Rajinikanth and Vijayakanth as heroes respectively.
    One could see an all pervading adventure element in all his films.Of the five films he worked with Karthik,Vanna Kanavugal, Dharma Pathini and Unnai Cholli Kutramillai came out with good reviews.In all these films romance and crime coincided with a prominent upscale of male ruggedness as the charming factor beautifully displayed by the amazingly talented hero Karthik who excelled in such roles in films like Mouna Raagam and Agni Natchatram.The other two films Natpu and Vanakkam Vaadhiyaare were not that much spoken of.
   Ameerjan introduced Murali as hero into Tamil Cinema with a telling story and character in Poovilangu.Along with this soft romantic hero who is no more today,he also introduced Kuyili as heroine,in the same film.This movie with a catchy and subtle title,became a hit. It also introduced another actor called Mohan,who is popular as Poovilangu Mohan doing solid roles in television serials,besides acting in films.After this film, Murali remained as Ameerjan's pet in his other films like Pudhiyavan, Vannakanavugal,Ilankanru,Thulasi and Kurumbukkaaran.
   Ameerjan's contribution to Tamil Cinema may not be voluminous.But it is validly qualitative and aesthetic in terms of entertainment value.His clear narration and adept mixing of romance with masculine charm and feminine glory could be ever spoken of as the most salient features of film making.He is not just a noted film maker nut a neat creator.The fact that he has joined the brain of Kalakendra and Kavidayala production units' K.Balachander, not only during the latter's life time but also,soon after the latter's death, for an eternal association with him, is a great matter of coincidence to talk about.

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