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Some High Voltage Tamil Film Songs.

    Film songs could be classified into breezy, solo, or mixed melodies,vibrant duets and inspiring group songs. Music composers have the onus of unearthing felicitous numbers from the existing seven ''swarams'' through an innovative process of fixation of tunes for a refreshing musical experience.How the tunes receive popular acclaim depends upon how they are tuned and rendered. The reception of a tune is also determined by the taste and mood of the audience, changing from time to time.Some might be longing for melodies.Some would stand up and dance for the fast  numbers.
  On the whole, good music hardly escapes popular admiration and patronage.However what decides the popularity of film music is the magnificence in instrumental and vocal inspiration. There is an absolutely unique category of songs that carry a high voltage of consistent energy, vibration and gusto to keep them eternally acceptable to human ears wherever they are, whatever be their mother tongue and to whichever time they belong to.In this connection I am presenting here a list of Tamil film songs of different periods that have become immortal pieces of music purely on account of their exquisite ingredients supported by a high voltage composition.
   Decades ago there came a group song in the voice of S,C.Krishnan,P.Suseela and others and this most popular timeless number is  ''Sithaada Kattigittu Singaaram Pannikittu''from the film Vannakkili. The enchanting aspect of the song is governed by its never sagging speed and the immortality of the song could be attributed to the wonderful musical composition of the traditionally talented K.V.Mahadevan.The lyric for this song was penned by A.Maruthakasi. The same K.V.Mahadevan composed another fascinating high voltage song and this song was written by K.M.Sheriff and delivered in the mighty voice of T.M.Soundarajan with the titillating female voice of Jamuna Rani .This memorable piece is ''Maamaa Maamaa Maamaa''  for the great movie Kumutham.Both these films were from the Modern Theatres.
  What a speedy and powerful duet ''Oho Endhan Baby Nee Vaaraai Endhan Baby''  from the film Theinilavu was.How colloquially,the song  written by Kannadasan and tuned by A.M.Raja, sailed through the waters and stays stuck to our memory with its tremendous vigour.Then came the two fast numbers ''Adi Ennadi Raakkamma''from Pattikkaadaa Pattanamaa and''Sattai Kaiyil Kondu'' from Kaadhal Jothi  from the clear and high sounding voice of T.M.Soundarajan and Sirkazhi Govindarajan.The former was from the mighty pen of Kannadasan and it was composed my melody king M.S.Viswanathan and the latter,written by Vaali was grandly tuned by MSV's counterpart T.K.RamamurthySimilarly,the stimulating group song ''Nallavan Enakku Naane Nallavan''from Padithaal Mattum Podhuma in the combined rendition of the stentorian Soundarajan and mellifluous P.B.Srinivas would ever have its gripping influence on those,bound to the traditional music of M.S.Viswanathan/Ramamurthy for the fine words of Kannadasan.
  Songs set to a context of competition such as the most glorious ''Kannum Kannum Kalandhu''sung by P.Suseela and P.Leela for the dance competition of Vaijayanthi Mala and Padmini in Vanjikkottai Vaaliban{ Song by Kothamangalam Subbu and music by C.Ramachandraand the musically competitive ''Chinnanjiriya Vanna Paravai'' and''Neeye Unakku Enrum Nigaraanavan'',the former in the voice of TMS and S.Janaki from Kungumam  and the latter rendered by TMS and M.Raju from Bale Pandiya which are monumental samples of high voltage singing and for which Kannadasan takes the credit for lyrics and Viswanathan/Ramaurthy and K.V.Mahadevan for tuning the songs respectively.
    Two more songs of the last century,one in the voice of P.Suseela and the other from the intoxicating tone of L.R.Eswari,came as the most throbbing numbers.These two songs both penned by Kannadasan but composed by M.S.Viswanathan and K.V.Mahadevan were for the two epoch-making films Ootivarai Uravu and Panamaa Paasamaa one a hilarious comedy and the other an extraordinary family drama.These two exuberant songs are ''Thedinein Vandhadhu''and ''Elandha Pazham Elandha Pazham''.
  S.P.Balasubramanyam reputed for his high spirited and most vibrating voice, sang an energy packed song for Sridhar's Avalukkenru Oer Manam.The song ''Aayiram Ninaivu Aayiram Kanavu'' for which SPB gave his masterly voice for Gemini Ganesan, became an eternal high voltage rendition on account of its contextual validity and commanding romantic felicity.SPB sang another high voltage number for Kamalahasan in Sakalakalaa Vallaban and the most popular song was ''Ilamai Idho Idho''[Vaali's lines hit the ears with the fantastic music of Ilayaraja].
   The same way,S.Janaki's historic, energy blowing piece ''Machaana Paatheengalaa''from Annakkili  brought overnight fame to Ilayaraja because of the novelty in composition and sustained speed and energy in delivery by the exemplary singer.The song written by Panju Arunachalam vitally presented the quintessence of rustic charm and glory.The other ever enchanting energy booster is the song ''Adi Raakkammaa Kaiyathattu''in the voice of SPB and Swarnalatha from the Mani Rathnam blockbuster Thalapathi and the song written by Vaali, became one of the most outstanding musical compositions of Ilayaraja.  
   Oscar winner A.R.Rehaman has come out with several high voltage songs like ''Mazhathuli Mazhathuli Mannil Sangamam'' that carried the combined effect of the mighty voice of M.S.Viswanathan with the mesmerizing voice of Hariharan.The lyric for this song was from the refreshing imagination of Vairamuthu for the film Sangamam.M.S.V has sung another breath taking high voltage song''Sivasambo''in his own composition for the film Ninaithaale Inikkum. 
  Rehaman himself sang the most powerful number''Adiradidhaan'' written by Vaali for Sivaji.The song made everyone dance,by its amazing flow of energy, speed and splendour of background music.The supremacy of the stringed and percussion instruments accompanying the forceful voice of Rehaman, made the song carry an everlasting impact on the listeners.The latest high voltage song in Rehaman's music is ''yei Sandikkudhira''for the film Kaaviathalaivan 
  The list of high voltage songs will remain incomplete without the two popular hits from the Vijay starring Gilli and Vettaikkaaran and the remarkable songs are 'Appadi Podu Podu' and 'Puli Urumudhu'.The two songs were written by Pa.Vijay and Kabilan respectively While Vidhya Sagar compsed the tunes for Gilli,Vijay Antony was the music composer for Vettaikkaran.There would be a temptation to add a few more songs in this list particularly the songs that introduce the heroes in many films,a few more solo numbers sung by A.R.Rehaman and the immortally mind blowing songs of MGR generating a lot of positive energy.
    But the songs I have mentioned here, show consistency in tempo and vigour capable of binding the audience mood from the beginning of the song till its end.It is this yardstick that has constrained me to restrict my memory to these high voltage songs and call them so, because of the genuineness in speed and power of delivery.I might have left out some songs due to my memory failure.Whether the list is big or small,the fact here is that there exists this specific genre of high voltage numbers that could invigorate the listeners'nerves and mood. 

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