Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Two Women Super Singers- cum- Judges.


    To be on the jury of  the Vijay Super Singer programme is certainly a matter of great pride.But to be super singers themselves, is a pride greater than that.Two women have stolen the hearts of the Tamil audience as singers of extraordinary merit and charm, besides being the valued judges on the board of the Vijay Super Singer programme, for seniors as well as juniors.They are the two contemporary playback singers K.S.Chitra and Sujatha Mohan,whose honey blended voices have been mesmerizing the Tamil film industry from the early Nineteen eighties.
   Interestingly,both the singers were born in the same year. Sujatha Mohan who is three months older than K.S.Chitra,made her entry into Tamil Cinema in 1977 with the film Kavikuyil. With Malayalm as their mother tongue both have established a leading position as Tamil playback singers, with their flawless Tamil accent and extremely sweet rendition of songs in Tamil.K.S.Chitra's voice seems to combine the effect of P.Suseela,Vani Jeyaram and Jikki with powerful,sharp and enchanting elements evenly mixed, for an exemplary delivery of notes.Be it 'Paadariyein Padippariyein' or 'Naanoru Sindhu'{both from Sindhu Bhairavi}or Kannaalane{Bombay} or Ovvoru pookkalume{Autograph} the substance of anguish and pang of sorrow, is so naturally poured forth to dip human ears in the depth of agony, followed by a deep sense of hope.
   The absolute clarity and pulling charm in  voice are the blessed status of this innate musician.Each of her songs is her best.The song Chinnakuyil Paattu {Poove Poochoodava}when heard even from a distance would make one feel as if a nightingale or cuckoo delivers its felicitous notes.Not all singers have this gift of giving away nothing but sweetness and grace.Some of her ever remembered numbers are "Idhudhaanaa"{Samy}"Ninnukkori Varanum"{Agni Nakshatram}"Aanandha Poonguyil Paattu"{Kadhalukku Mariyaadhai}"Annamala Annamala" {Annamalai}"Veera Pandi kottaiyile" {Thiruda Thiruda}"Thooliyile Aadavandha"{Chinna Thami} and 'Uyire Uyire' {Bombay}.
   Sujatha Mohan on the other hand has a breezy and honey tongued voice known for an ever absorbing fascination, as the core of her rendition of songs.She can enthrall one to the most glorious extent, with an inimitable voice grandeur.Her first great hit was 'Oru Iniya Manadhu' from the film Jaani.Then came a series of significant solo numbers like ''Netru Illaadha Maatram''{Pudhiya Mugam}'Poo Pookum Osai'{Minsaara Kanavu}''Un Per Solla Aasaidhaan''{Minsaara Kanna} "Thithikkudhe"{Thithikkudhe}and ''Yedho Oru Paattu ''{Unnidathil Ennai Koduthein}.
    Some of the ever leading duets were''Pudhu Vellai Mazhai''''Kaadhal Rojaave''{both from Roja}' Aathangarai Marame'{Kizhakku Cheemaiyile}''En Veettu Thottathil'{Gentleman} Kadhal Pisasu {Run}Oru Pattaam Poochi{Kadhalukku Mariyaadhai}''Kokkara Kokkarakko'{Ghilli}"Aasai Aasai"{Dhool"Oru Poyyaavadhu Sol"{Jodi} 'Thillaanaa Thillaanaa''{Muthu}"Chandiranai Thottadhu Yaar"{Ratchagan} "Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa"{Avvai Shanmugi}and 'Rangola' {Gajini}. All these songs mentioned here were frequently heard and admired by the Tamil audience. The high pitch humming she could take for the song ''Thillaanaa Thillaanaa'' carried a very charming effect similar to that of S.Janaki and this song is,specifically known for its tremendous vibration and gusto.
   The fact that Sujatha Mohan took a break in her singing career,certainly deprived us of the chance of listening to more of her magnificent voice impact.I have not mentioned most of the other remarkable songs that adorned the musical score of Tamil Cinema.Sujatha always sings naturally with ease and ecstasy and her free flow of sweetness in delivery is her special asset.It is an indisputable fact that both Chitra and Sujatha effectively filled the place of P.Suseela and S.Janaki by their distinct show of musical strength.As judges at the Super Singer programmes they have been adding more pep and style by their Malayalam mixed Tamil, making one wonder how beautifully they sing Tamil songs with excellent accuracy and application of mind.But the fact ever remains that they are not only judges on the board of a super singer contest but are also mighty voices to be tied to the heart and soul of music lovers.

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