Monday, September 19, 2016

Two Villain-cum Character Actors of a Similar Mettle.

      Villains doing character roles, is not new to the world of cinema.Even in Bollywood,the great villain actors of the last century such as Pran and Premnath, had done brilliant character roles.No one can forget Pran's role in Johnny Mera Naam,Be Iman, and Zanjeer. Both Pran and Premnath gave a sterling performance with paternal fervor, in Bobby.Tamil villain actors like  M.N.Nambiyar, M.R.Radha and S.A.Asokan were seen as amazing character actors too.All these men had their individual profiles of looks and levels of performance beyond comparison.Whereas, there are two actors in Tamil cinema, who carry a similar concept of role performance, in terms of their body and mind and they are the most popular Senthamarai and Sangili Murugan.
     This comparison has been necessitated not only by their uniquely sounding names but also by their toughness in posture and a kind of roughness in dialogue delivery.Their faces seem to give a hundred percent guarantee for a reliably crude performance of villainy. Age wise Senthamarai is a decade or so older than Sangilimurugan. His first entry was in A.P.Nagarajan's epic status film Thillaanaa Mohanaambaal released in 1968. He has acted in a couple of other films of Sivaji Ganesan like Andhamaan Kaadhali and Naan Vaazhavaipen.Whereas Sangilimurugan made his first appearance on the big screen in 1979 in 'Suvar Illaadha Sithirangal' directed by K.Baghyaraj.
   Both Senthamarai and Sangilimurugan have acted in more number of Rajini films than that of others.Interestingly both of them have acted in the Superstar's mega hit film Moonru Mugam from the Sathya Movies.While Senthamarai played the  role of a murderous  bootlegger,Sangili Murugan came as his henchman.It was a mighty show of villainy by the duo. Senthamarai's other notable Rajini films were Kazhugu, Naan Vaazha Vaipein,Anbulla Rajinikanth,Un Kannil Neer Vazhindhaal, Adutha Vaarisu, Adhisiapiravi, Thambikku Endha Ooru,Guru Sishyan and Panakkaran. He was mostly a rustic villain in most of these films. Thambikku Entha Ooru' is specially known for his character role, which was dipped in the usual portrayal of an uncouth exterior.Guru Sishayan was yet another film known for the majestic role performance of Senthamarai, as an honest police officer.
   Unlike Senthamarai,Sangilimurugan was a film producer too.He has produced about half a dozen movies like Enga Ooru Paattukkaran,Enga Ooru Kaavakaaran,Periya Veettu Pannakaaran,Naadodi Paattukkaaran,Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai and Sura. While the first two were Ramarajan hits,the second two were Karthik Muthuraman's moderate shows.The last two were Vijay films and one of these, Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai,which was a remake of the famous Malayalam film Aniyathipraavu, was a blockbuster.This movie gave a fresh appeal to the romantic face of Vijay. Incidentally, Senthamarai who had earlier acted with Sangilimurugan in Moonru Mugan, also played key roles in Sangilimurugan's own films like Enga Ooru Paattukkaaran and Periya Veettu Pannakkaran.Most of the very titles of Sangilimurugan's films, carried a rural fragrance and it is quite logical that an actor like Senthamarai who has genuine rustic looks, found a favourable place in the village based films of Sangilimurugan..
   There is a visible sense of devil-may-care attitude and casual indifference in demeanour,in all  the characters played by Senthamarai. His face and mode of dialogue delivery would ever be in perfect unison, reflecting the depth of brutality or emotional grasp of character, needed for a measured display of acting potential, that the role assigned to him warranted.He was a Sathya movies favourite and a rural necessity, when it came to stories bound intact, to the rugged soil.His other noteworthy films were Paandi Naattu Thangam,Raja Nadai,Madras Vaadhiyaar,Kaaki Sattai [again as a smart police officer],Sattam Oru Vilaiyaattu,Naalai Unadhu Naal,Nenjathai Killaadhe and Rettaivaal Kuruvi.
    Sangilimurugan can be called a softer version of Senthamarai particularly in delivering dialogues. But he too naturally takes on his opponents with a hell bent mood of nonchalance.Moreover unlike Senthamarai,he spontaneously fits into the role of a soothsayer or a village temple priest. One cannot forget his vulnerable, as well as conscientious role play in the character of a soothsayer, in Sathya movies' Oorkkavalan. He too has been a periodical Sathya Movies' preference and he too makes it a cakewalk when it comes to performance of characters of the native soil.His other Rajini films include Kazhugu,Sivappu Sooriyan and Naan Mahaan Alla. He has also done a cameo in the latest  Superstar show, Kabali besides doing a round, in films like Jigardhanda and Udhayanidhi Stalin's Manidhan.
   Before I conclude it has to be emphatically stated here, that in addition to their similarities in looks and mode of getting into the groove of acting,Senthamarai and Sangilimurugan hold the singular position of acting together,joining the team of Rajinikanth frequently and one of the two finding a place in the films produced by the other.There exists a rare kind of coexisting principle and sharing of patterns in acting, between these two exemplary actors.They make the audience recall their contribution to Tamil Cinema, with a similar frame of mind and  perception of the rudiments of histrionics, rightly executed, towards the realization of  an effective screen experience.

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