Monday, January 15, 2018

The Mascot is back on Surya's Shoulders.


       Theme of reform and tone of rebellion are not new to Tamil Cinema.We have seen it enough.But here comes the movie Thaanaa Serndha Koottam with absolute irreverence to conventional norms in narration.Dialogues and body language resort to a total devil-may-care mode.There is enough humor but nothing through the straight door.It hits characters through the back doors with a lot of subtle and suggestive strokes.Starting from the hero's introduction,many things happen belying the expectation of the audience.While one would expect Thambi Ramaiah to commit suicide it is Kalaiyarasan who does that.However the unconventional pattern of progress of events  soon leaves the audience with their comfortable guessing about the climax of the movie.
    Suriya is both a natural actor and one who can blow up his role play with substantial hero image.While he performed naturally in films like Nanda,Pidhamagan Gajini,and Perazhagan, he could roar his might in the Singam series.After some serial failures this film definitely gives him a break.He is smart enough to  take himself perfectly to role delivery both naturally and with blown up demonstrations.'The self gathered gang' as the English version of the title would go,consists of five hardcore task performers with Suriya taking up the lead,followed by the 'iron lady' Remya Krishnan and unfailing guys like Sathyan, Sendhil and Sivasankar. Each of them does a very neat job too. Yesteryear romantic hero Sudhahar as the husband of Remya Krishnan escapes notice for want of poor close up shots. Keerthi Suresh gracefully utilizes the not too much scope given for role play.Both Nanda and Vinodhini Vaidhyanadhan are compact as cops. The menacing villainy of Anandaraj has been contained by meek moments, blended with a self defeating comedy element.
   Between Suresh Chandra Menon and Karthik Muthuraman,the former is wolfish but the latter steals the sheen of the wolf.The evil of Suresh Menon and the forthright handling of evil by Karthik, as officers of the same Bureau,carries a striking note of contrast. Anirudh contributes greatly to the success of the film by his most energetic numbers and impressive background score.The song 'Sodakkumele' with the high voltage rendering by Anthony dasan is in the line of Anirudh's 'Aalumaa Dolumaa' in Vedhaalam.'Sodakku' has not only the power of music but also comes out with meaningfully worded lyrics.A special mention has to be made about the cheeky mouth of R.J.Balaji who adds an endearing momentum to the film, whenever he appears.In fact, on stage while handling the crew of this film in a program, telecast on the Sun T.V, he showed  greater strength of spontaneity and dynamism of his presence of mind
   After Naanum Rowdidhaan, Vignesh Shivan has travelled more vigorously on his pet zone of unconventional narration without losing the core factors of entertainment. Dinesh Krishnan's cinematography seems to have significantly helped Vignesh Shivan, in achieving his desired results.Here and there there are a couple of scenes leading to a slackening of tempo.But on the whole, it comes as a mascot on Surya's shoulders after a slap of the jinx.

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  1. Sir, you have seen a movie released on Pongal day. Your review if the movie is crisp. The overall rating should be average. But your presentation of the review needs to be appreciated.