Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Singer with a Mesmerizing Voice.

      This blog has paid consummate tributes to most deserving playback singers and music composers of Tamil Cinema, either in isolation or in comparative group frames.Singers need more than a voice compatible to the norms and dictates of music.Any voice made up of sweetness and natural rhythm in the vocal cords,can either enrich or bypass the rules of musical composition.Most playback singers of Tamil cinema have succeeded in carrying lyrics and tunes directly to the ears of music lovers, by their classic voice pattern and dynamism in rendition.Some of them have shown comparable voice quality like Mano and Unii Menon resembling that of SPB and K.J Yesudoss respectively. C.S.Jeyaraman on the other hand had always stamped the image of a special category of singer, with his rarest of the rare, voice mould,leaving an eternal note of nostalgia.
    Similarly, we have come across another playback singer whose voice has consistently struck a mesmerizing impact on the listeners through a sonorously soothing way of singing,while at the same time creating feelings of joy and sorrow penetrating into the soul of everyone.It is P. Jeyachandran who every time creates indelible impressions,with his profound involvement in the singing process,with a magic voice that felicitously travels along with the lyrics and the inseparable instrumental core.
     "Ponenna Poovenna Kanne"from Sridhar's 'Alaikal',was the first song of Jeyachandran I heard in my early twenties.The hero Vishnuvardhan for whom Jeyachandran sang the song was from Karnataka and Jeyachandran himself was from the soil of Kerala.Besides the fact that Alaikal was a richly appealing film on several counts,the song of Jeyachandran became more soothing than the movie.The next enthralling solo song with thought provoking lyrics that got into my memory was "Ethanai Manidharkal Ulakathile/Ethanai Ulakangal idhayathile" from MGR's different film Neethikku Thalai Vanangu. It was M. S. Viswanathan the melody king who composed music for these two solo songs and the mind blowing duet song 'Kavithai Arangerum Neram'sung by Jeyachandran with S. Janaki for'Andha Yezhu Naatkal',one of the earliest hits of K.Bhagyaraj.
   Jeyachandran's next solo song that comes to my memory is from the great film Oruthalai Raagam.The song ''Kadavul Vaazhum Bhoomiyile Karpoora Dheepam Kalaiyizhandha Maadathile Mukaari Raagam"in an anguished tone,brought out the essence of agony caused by one side love.It was excellently rendered by him under the unique musical composition of T. Rajendar. 
     Later some of the best  solo and duet numbers of Jeyachandran came from the amazing musical composition of Ilayaraja,the prophet of music.'Sithira Chevvaanam Sirikka Kandene' {Kaatrinile Varum Geetham}'Maanjolai Kilidhaano' {Kizhakke Pogum Rayil} and'Inraikku Yenindha Aanandhame' '{Vaidheki Kaathirundhaal}are the most ecstatic solo songs from the  delighting voice of Jeyachandran.The other two immortal solo songs that came from the film Vaidheki Kaathirundhaal are "Raasaathi Onne Kaanaadha Nenju"and "Kaathirundhu Kaathirundhu Kaalangal Ponadhadi.''
   The first of the two songs was an exemplary song in a lullaby form and lasts for many, as one of the haunting melodies before going to bed.The heart throbbing duets of this fabulous singer are 'Poova Eduthu Oru Maala Thoduthu Vachene' {Amman Koivil Kizhakkaale} 'Kodiyile Mallikapoo"{Kadalora Kavidhaikal}with S.Janaki and the soul searching number 'Mayanginen Solla Thayanginen'{Naane Raajaa Naane Mandhiri}with P.Susheela.
    There are three special songs of Jeyachandran under A.R.Rehaman's composition.The first one 'Kattazham Kaattu vazhi' from Bharatiraja's Kizhakku Cheemaiyile was an award winning song.The other beautiful song is 'Kannathil Mutha mittaal' from Mani Ratnam's most popular film bearing the same title.The third one'En Mel Vizhundha Mazhaithuliye' is an exalting duet with K.S. Chitra  for the film May Madham. All these songs are worth cherishing in the archives of Tamil film music.
    Jeyachandran is a voluminous singer in Malayalam cinema.In Tamil in the midst of huge competition of voices,he has made his significant innings purely through his brilliant capacity for unadulterated grandeur of voice reach and pure performance of qualitative vocal music.I would have listed here only a part of his creamy musical stuff purely on account of my personal priority. Jeyachandran's captivating voice and its characteristic charm have made him one of the worthiest playback singers, capable of mesmerizing the audience with songs that would outlive those of many others.

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