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The Less Fortunate Tamil Heroes


    "Fortune favours fools"is an unfortunate maxim.All those who are fortunate cannot be called accidental beneficiaries of the fall of fortune.Many attain fame and name through effort,skill and dedication to routine.However contrary to this fact there are also victims of fortune's foul game. Could any Tamilian have ever thought that a topnotch hero like Sivaji Ganesan would pass away without any national recognition like a Bharat Ratna award,leave alone the blow that the people gave him at the hustings.Even the most fortunate Sivaji Ganesan could be called a less fortunate hero in terms of national recognition for what he deserved.
   Now coming to Tamil Cinema, it is true that many renowned heroes are fortunate enough in establishing a long standing position for themselves, by their looks and laudable career credentials. But it is equally true that not all those who have looks and laudable skills could succeed in this process.I would not dare to call them unfortunate heroes.Whereas they are certainly the less fortunate heroes,because despite their latent potentials they were pushed by unprecedented failures to a state of oblivion.I am sure with the way they started and carried on the show,no one would have ever thought that they would remain in a plight that they are now.
      Take for instance an ebullient hero like Prashanth who from the days of his debut film Vaikaasi Porandhaachu continued to create waves by being in the list of prestigious film makers like Mani Ratnam and Shankar and gave us memorable films like Anazhakan, Thirudaa Thirudaa,Jeans, Kannedhire Thonrinaal,Piriyaadha Varam Vendum,Winner and London.His other films like Star,Jodi,Poomakal Oorvalam and Thamizh were also fairly wachable films.But lack of variety in characterization and a couple of failures in his releases have now made him a hero not in the wish list of producers and directors. Notwithstanding the fact that he happens to hold a comfortable position as the son of yesteryear actor Thiagarajan, Prashanth failed to sustain his position as a top level hero.He is for sure a less fortunate hero than his contemporaries like Vijay,Ajit and Suriya.     
    Why should a near perfect actor like Arun Vijay fail to find a firm footing in spite of his beautiful performance in films like Thulli Thirindha Kaalam,Iyarkai,Malai Malai,Ennai Arindhaal,Kutram 23,Chekka Chivandha Vaanam and the latest film Thadam which has received positive reviews.While Prsahant's dialogue delivery is mostly confined to a breezy mode lacking in gusto for an action hero,Arun Vijay has rightly imbibed the voice vibration of his thespian father Vijayakumar. Incidentally even Vijayakumar with his handsome looks and commendable acting skills, failed to establish his position as single hero and slowly passed on to become a fiery villain and an extraordinarily dynamic character actor.I still could not understand why an actor like Arun Vijay with absolute hero stuff could not find a solid base to build his future.He is another less fortunate hero in the line of Prashanth.
   Simbu the son of a versatile film celebrity like T.Rajendar,stole the hearts of film viewers as a child artist and later began to make impressive shows in films like Manmadhan,Vallavan, Saravana, Kovil and a couple of other films.Then Gautam Menon took him to new heights by his meritorious performance in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa. But  the director could not continue his magic with Simbu in the other film Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyadaa. Simbu's films failed one after the other like those of several other less fortunate heroes.Now Mani Ratnam's Chekka  Chivandha Vaanam has lent a reinforced credibility to his role performance. Simbu's bold and clear dialogue delivery has always been his distinct asset.However,he has not reached the place in Tamil Cinema that he should have achieved. 
     A more disappointing fall it was for Srikanth who was expected to travel on the track of a mass hero after his successful shows in April Madhathil,Roja Koottam,Kana Kandein,Varna Jaalam, Kutra Pathirikkai and Paarthiban Kanavu.His romantic appeal coupled with his dancing skills saw him climbing the ladder to stardom in the line of Ajit and Vijay. Even in stunts and action segments, his participation was greatly convincing.When films like Bambara kannaale and Bose failed at the box office,his decline started.Depressingly his much desired role play in Shankar's Nanban also did not revive his lost hold.It is still a riddle how Srikanth's high scale hero material,lulls him in a less fortunate cradle.
     Bharat who got noticed in Shankar's Boys,got into the hero's garb in form and style after playing a negative role in Chellame. While his Kaadhal was an award winner,his Nepali was critically reviewed.His films like Chennai Kaadhal,Thambikku Indha Ooru,E[mta]n Magan, Pazhani,Veyil,Pattiyal and Kandein Kaadhalai, were all watchable and enjoyable.Bharat is an excellent dancer and has a categorical tone delivery to meet the requirements of challenging roles.What drawback has so far held him from moving to the front,still remains queer.He is a clear case of the less fortunate hero.
     Prasanna is the other hero who has been languishing for a lime light.His initial films like Five Star,Azgagiya Theeye, Kasturiman and Saadhu Miranda,were full of promise for the dawn of a refreshingly soft hero material.He also made a mark as supporting actor in films like Thupparivalan and Thiruttu Payale 2.He has been a frequent addition in the films of Mysskin. Prasanna's preference for natural acting could be seen as the stumbling block against his progress.Tamil Cinema significantly relies on the bloating image of the hero through a confirmed, zooming process of one's hero image, much more beyond its natural frame.Even Malayalam cinema reputed for its realistic exhibition of human emotions, began to bank upon a high flown hero image ever since the image of Mammootty and Mohanlal started growing into astronomical proportions.Perhaps,the less fortunate Prasanna should look for image boosting dynamics, towards magnifying and stabilizing his position as hero.
    Shaam is another soft and natural actor in the line of Prasanna.His roles in 12 B,Iyarkai,Yei Nee Romba Azhaka Irukke,Anbe Anbe,Lesa Lesa,Ullam Ketkume,Thoondil and Thilla Langadi as main and second hero have left the robust image of an exquisite romantic hero which  seems to have not effectively capitalized on the big screen.
   These seven heroes have not missed the bus.Their journey is stranded for reasons known more to them for introspection, than for others' assessment. Gowtham Menon tried to utilize the talent of Arun Vijay and Simbu differently and it worked out.But Mysskin did not succeed the same magic with Prasanna in Anjaadhe.This blog would reaffirm its faith in human talents and on the base of this faith,it could be said categorically,that the less fortunate heroes are as much  talented as any other prominent mass hero of the day.

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