Monday, October 5, 2020

Dada Mirasi the diligent,but less known film maker.


    "Less is more Lucrezia" says Robert Browning in his poem 'Andrea del Sarto'.For creativity,it is not the number that matters.The sustaining quality reflected in a few pieces of any art form, will speak volumes about the creative efficacy of the artist.This is very much true in the film making process.
    Though Tamil cinema proudly celebrates the memory of prolific film makers like
 A.BhimSingh,Krishnan Panju,P,Madhavan,A.C.Thirilocchandar,P.Neelakandan,K.Balachander, K.S.Gopalakrishnan,Balu Mahendra,P.Bharadhiraja,K.Bagyaraj,P.Vasu, K.S Ravikumar Mani Rathnam and several others,a film maker like Dada Mirasi who made only a few entries in Tamil,is ever admired for his most popular crime and romantic thriller 'Pudhiya Paravai'.
   For the Tamil audience'Pudhiya Paravai'was certainly a trend setting film.It was critically reviewed for the novel features in narration,the captivating and stylish performance of Sivaji Ganesan, the profoundly meanigful lyrics of Kannadasan and the heart throbbing music of Viswanathan & Ramamurthy.Even today the film is sweetly meant for repeated viewing,both at the theatres and in the small screen.The film was rich in romance,loud in sentimental outbursts and compact in narration of events,besides taking the hidden suspense thread unwound,till the end.
    Dada Mirasi had directed two more films of Sivaji Ganesan.They were'Ratha Thilakam'and 'Moonru Dheivangal'.The former which begins as a college story moves on to the war front, exhibiting elements of patriotism.Two songs of 'Ratha Thilakam'belonged to a special category. One was related to the social break up event in the collge{"Pasumai Niraindha Ninaivukale"} and the song became a pet number to be sung and glorified on  the day of parting of students,in many colleges after completion of their  studies.
    In this regard,the song made its impact almost for a decade.The other song "Oru Koppaiyile En Kudiyiruppu" became an immortal number carrying autobiographical notes of the poet himself. 'Moonru Dheivangal'was a tale of three noble minded thieves who decided to become the benefactors of the family where they went to rob.The three robbers ultimately became the replicas of Jean Val jean,the reformed protagonist of Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables."In addition to these films, Dada Mirasi also wrote the stories for Sivaji Ganesan films like'Mudhal Thedhi' and'Annai Illam'.
   Apart from working with Sivaji Ganesan,Dada Mirasi did two films for Gemini Ganesan, {Annaavin Aasai and Sangamam} one each with Kalyan Kumar{Kadavulin Kuzhandhai} Jaishankar,{'Raja Veettu Pillai'}and Ravichandran{'Odum Nadhi'}.Dada Mirasi also directed the film 'Poovum Pottum' starring P.Bhanumathi in the main role.During his brief stint of making films, Dada Mirasi tried his best to give variety in theme,story telling and character Portrayals. Though 'Pudhiya Paravai' travelled between breeze and storm,his other films revolved around personal and family emotions and redeemingly ennobling experiences that each one encounters in their lives.Excepting 'Raja Veetu Pillai' which was an exclusive and successful action masala,all his other films not only carried fascinating titles,but were also true to their titles, incorporating relevant content in narration,to justify those titles.
    'Pudhiya Paravai','Moonru Dheivangal''Annaavin Aasai'Thaayilaa Pillai'and 'Poovum Pottum' could be called his special movies.Each of the films was different from the other and after watching the nine films of Dada Mirasi one could  categorically state that he was never a stereotyped film maker and he enjoyed filming on different themes,narrating totally different cinematic events, involving notable celluloid portrayal of characters,with unflinching commitment to the tradition and culture of the Tamil soil.
    However,his name will mostly live in audience memory,as the brilliant maker of'Puthiya Paravai', an epoch making film in the career of Sivaji Ganesan.So long the exemplary songs"Paartha Gnaabakam Illaiyo""Sittukkuruvi Mutham Koduthu"and Enge Nimmadhi"keep ringing in the ears of the audience,they will instantly switch on the recall button,for a revisit of the elegant and ecatatic scenes of'Puthiya Paravai',so as to perpetuate the glories of Tamil Cinema,besides commemorating the authentic,creative singularity of Dada Mirasi.
  P.S:- I earnestly searched for a photo of this fabulous film maker,but could not find one,in any website.

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