Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Cranky, Cruel Husbands of Tamil Films

             The focus on conjugal core in Tamil cinema has mostly been confined to its normal and idealistic dimensions.Quite a lot of films have made it seem as in real life, while some of them were found dramatizing the husband wife equations, into an extraordinarily sentimental and emotional bond. For example,films like 'Vietnam Veedu' and 'Gowravam' portrayed the normal pattern of family life. Whereas,'Thirisoolam'and 'Dheergasumangali' were sentimental melodramas glorifying the ideal intimacy of marriage partners.But there has occasionally been a third variety, exposing the negative implications of marriage with a predominant thrust on male misbehaviour. 
        Ways back, in 'Rathakkanneer', M.R.Radha played the role of an absolutely faithless husband, prone to moral depravity and promiscuity.He was an embodiment of cruelty as a husband, ill treating his devoted wife. Sivaji Ganesan had also appeared as a wayward and rude husband in films like 'Thangapadumai' and 'Bagyavathi'. As a suspecting and possessive husband, Sivaji Ganesan in 'Deivapiravi' Gemini Ganesan in 'Kalathur Kannamma' and 'Vazkaipadagu' and R.Muthuraman in 'Nenjirukkumvarai' and 'Raman Ethanai Ramanadi',have perfectly put up the negative image of the male. Sivakumar has played the role of an opportunistic, money- minded husband ditching his wife in 'Buvana Oru Kelvikkuri' and then in 'Saaindhaadamma Saindhaadu'. Thengai Srinivasan the renowned comedian, once performed the villainous character of a husband called Vellayangiri, ready to implicate his wife in a false case of adultery, in order to get legally separated from her, for the sake of riches, and the film was Sathya Movies' 'Thanga Magan'
     It was Rajini who boldly took up the role of a brutal and beastly guy, ready to marry and indulge women in sex trade, for profit, in 'Gayathri' and later as a merciless harassing husband in Balachander's  'Avargal'. After that,,he also donned the role of a womanizer and promiscuous husband, with a son and daughter of marriageable age and that movie 'Netrikkan' was also from Balachander's production house.These were hateful characters, but for an actor of Rajini's stuff,they were talent- proving opportunities and he would not miss them at all. 
    Actor Raguvaran who appeared as a sensitive and suspicious husband, with a possessive love for his wife in the film 'Thotta Sinungi',later showed the face of a brutally sadistic husband in K.S.Ravikumar's 'Puriyadha Pudhir' and made an impressive show of his unique acting credentials . His repetition of the words ''I know I know'' in his husky voice with different intonations in the latter, showed the amount of venom oozing from his dreadful and suspecting psyche. Anand did a  suspicious  hurting husband's role in 'Aasaiyil Oer Kaditham' in a compact frame but Prithviraj [Baploo] performed it with a vigorous style in 'Aval Varuvaala'. To cap it all, was the character delineation of Nanda with the hidden pressure of wild imagination and ruthless villainy in 'Eeram'.
    Nithin Sathya, played a bad husband in Vasanth's 'Satham Podaadhe' who after getting married, began to ill treat his wife just to hide his impotency caused by addiction to alcohol.He knew he was impotent but still got married.When his  wife and brother in law came to know of this secret through somebody referring to Sathya's link with Alcoholics Anonymous, divorce was legally sought and granted .His  divorced wife was then married to her brother's friend.But still Sathya would not let her live in peace. He kidnapped his former wife and continued to harass her.However, in the end, the pathetic woman was retrieved from his clutches.
        Kamalahasan,an actor encyclopedia with an inherent storage capacity for innumerable shades of emotions,also played Casanova roles in a couple of movies and he appeared as a misogynist and  hell-bent husband  in Barathi Raja's 'Sigappu Rojaakkal', on account of a bitter childhood, exposed to the exploitation  of a line of sex- hungry women. 
     In Vasanth's 'Asai' Prakash Raj  was portrayed as a husband of inherent brutality,driven by an infatuation for his wife's younger sister that motivated him to kill his devoted wife through a cleverly contrived murder plan .This hateful role made Prakash Raj, an emerging Villain of a classic style.
     The negative side of human psyche is not a healthy display to watch.One can not easily get mentally tuned to receive or accept the vagaries of diseased minds.But Cinema as a creative form, can not always read out the rosy chapters of life.As the negative intricacies are a part of human existence,no creative channel can turn a blind eye or deaf ear to individual eccentricities affecting one's family and social life.That is why, cinema, with its manifold creative formulations ,has once a way, exposed the darker side of life's realities.One such sordid issue, is the prevalence of conjugal torture .In this case, the victims are, the sorrow laden women, caught in the web of mismatched marriages.

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