Friday, December 21, 2012

A Brief Note on K.Sarangapani.

      K.Sarangapani,the noted comedian and character actor of Tamil Cinema deserves a special recognition and appreciation for his casual and effortless manner of acting.His distinct voice throw was always his special attraction. There was a winning vibration effect in his voice and he used to play with it while delivering dialogues,as if acting was a field sport .With his endearing looks and the fascinating gusto in his voice,he would play the deceptive role of a beggar as he did in Missiamma or a retired father happily enjoying his days with his children as he appeared in Sridhar's Sumaithangi. I would have seen more than a dozen movies of this wonderful actor for whom anger would be the last thing to resort to.
   Sarangapani was a favourite of director A.P.Nagarajan. This popular director of myths and family stories utilized the spontaneous thespian skill of Sarangapani for his films like 'Kulamagal Radai',[in which he was seen playing a negative role] 'Navarathiri' Thiruvilaiyaadal,'Saraswathi  Sabathaam' and 'Thillaanaa Mohanambal'. Sarangapani has acted with MGR, Sivaji Ganesan and Gemini Ganesan.He was an adamant but affectionate father of Sivaji Ganesan in 'Naan Petra Selvam'.His characterization in 'Alibabavum Naarpathu Thirudar galum'  was another attractive addition to his career.I also remember his character portrayal felicitously delivered in 'Yaar Paiyan.' I remember to have enjoyed his acting in 'Rambaiyin Kadhal' in which K.A.Thangavel did the role of the hero.To me, this lively actor seemed to be the combination of V.Nagaia's modesty and V.K.Ramasamy's banter.He was another actor of the early years of Tamil Cinema who performed lovable roles and transmitted higher energy levels to the audience without ever losing control of his moods..
   Familiarity with the types of characters he played ,mastery over the kind of slang he used,natural voice modulation,the usual taunting element in his utterances, the unbridled flow of energy and his never sagging spirit of confidence, were the salient features of the acting style of Sarangapani. His dialogues would never hurt the ears or emotions of the audience.His comedy fundamentals were strong with ideas formulated in quality humour and vulgarity was never on the agenda of his comedy show.Looking always a bit old in appearance, but  ever young in acting spirit, this heart warming actor was a blessing for the Tamil film audience.Every one would genuinely feel that they really miss this kind of a pleasing acting model these days.This brief note is meant to celebrate the lasting memories of K.Sarangapani, the veteran actor closer to our hearts..

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