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Sundar.C,The Man of Mirth.

   Directing a film means, living up to one's cherished norms of creativity. Every film director is usually focused on themes and genre of presentation closer to their hearts. Some are always bound to an inner voice, that commands them to excel, by doing the extraordinary.For them the cry for originality becomes the only yardstick of creativity.They do not bother about the impact their movies have on the audience.Their creative priority anticipates a sense of fulfilment. But for many in the film industry,their sole objective should be to entertain and keep the audience happy. For such people, film making is like a merry go round, resulting in the transfer of happier moments to a wide section of film viewers. Such film makers are light minded and are happy in making films, not falling into the serious category.Previously C.V.Rajendran and Billa R.Krishna- murthy who worked more for Sujatha Cine Arts movies, were known for their interest in casual narration of stories events and characters.In the recent two decades, Sundar.C has been consistently visiting the humour zone to provide comic relief and joy to an otherwise strained generation.Barring his 'Thalainagaram' which too contained the hilarious scenes of Vadivelu, almost all the films of Sundar .C were devoted to the laughter side. 
   'Muraimaman' was the debut film of Sundar.C as director.It was the comedy combination of Jeyaram and Goundamani that made it a worthy entertainer.Then came the silver jubilee hit Ullathai Allitha with Karthik Muthuraman and Goundami teaming up for a rip tickling laughter show.The duo then continued their humour gusto in 'Mettukkudi' and 'Unakkaaga Ellaam Unakkaaga' the other two makings of merry minded Sundar.C. Karthik Muthuraman became one of the most favourite actors, for Sundar.C's films like, Azhagaana Naatkal, Kannan Varuvaan and Ullam Kollai Povuthe. The two movies that Sundar.C worked with Prabudeva were Naam Iruvar Namakkiruvar,a memorable romantic comedy and Ullam Kollai Povudhe,a breezy and sensitive narration of romance. Sundar.C has also worked with Sathyaraj twice for Azhagarsamy and Unnai Kan Theduthe. Janakiraman with Sarathkumur doing the hero, was a jovial narration of the hero's deviation from professed bachelorhood towards accepting romance as the enchanting gateway to marriage. He did one movie with Ajith[Unnaithedi] and two each with Arjun [Giri and Chinna]Madhavan[Rendu and Anbe Sivam] and Prashanth [Winner and London]. All these films carried his usual thrust on entertainment and romance. The two popular heroes whose talent Sundar has not  utilized so far, are Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay and Soorya.                                                                                
    Sundar.C 's priority for humour was always characterized by a shift in pattern and performance, besides a prompt change in the type of comedian, to fit into  situations calling for  a twist in focus. For a few films it was Goundamai  and then Vadivelu who took over the show only to be followed by Vivek and then by Santhanam. There were memorable laughter scenes thanks to Vadivelu's demonstration of physical comedy in films like Winner,Giri, London, Rendu and so on.The originality of Sundar.C could be traced in his frequent shift in comedy thrust along with the change of the comedian to perform the hat tricks of humour and offer comic relief with freshness in humour concept and its execution.
    When Sundar. C transformed into an actor, he began to project himself as an action hero.In his first movie 'Thalainagaram' he refused to smile in any scene.The seriousness continued in 'Veeraappu',a remake of Malayalam 'Spatikam'.But he began to rely on Vivek to provide the comedy segment in that film. Sundar.C continued to induct Vivek for a few more movies like Ayudham Seivom, Sandai and Aindham Padai. All these films were effortless comedy events celebrated by Sundar.C and Vivek without much exertion for any serious exposition of theme or character. It seemed as if their chief objective was to keep the show going, just for the sake of generating happier moments for the audience.
   This light- minded director has come out with one of the best movies of Kamalahasan viz. Anbe Sivam. Right from framing the title down to the clean presentation of a very noble theme followed by remarkable characterization and narration of events Sunder.C made every one understand that if necessary, he too could come with an exemplary film meant for rave reviews and great popular acclaim.The film turned to be a milestone in Sundar.C's career as director. Sundar.C also came out with a popular entertainer with the Super star as Arunachalam,which also happened to be the title of the movie.It was also rich in theme and narration with abundant scope for comedy provided by Setnthil,Janakaraj and Crazy Mohan. There were no sagging moments in the movie and it became a blockbuster as expected.The latest refreshing entertainer was 'Kalagalppu',the title suggesting events full of gusto and the narration of events justifying the title.It was in this movie,Santhanam joined the comedy team of Sundar.C
   From most of the movies of Sundar.C,one could make out, that he is a man of mirth and his focus would never tilt towards negative interpretations of life.Pleasantly,his first heroine Kushboo,who is known for her explicit cheerful credentials on screen, joined him as his life partner.His films generally belong to the conventional action-cum-entertainment category and they would rightly fulfill the commercial objectives of making movies.It is an attitude that is down to earth without claiming ever to do the impossible or the unusual on the creative side.So long one aims at the larger section of the audience without any pretension, in terms of one's creative propensities,one is true to the task on hand. Sundar.C belongs to a group of directors who do not want to disappoint the film goers on the entertainment side or put the producers into trouble by draining their finance.His merry go round attitude always makes him the man of the match.

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