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The Two Magical, Male Melody Makers.

     Unlike other genres of music, melodies are not that easy to compose because of the greater levels of expectations for appeasement and soothing control from the recipients' side.Not all melodies create the intended effect or hold the reach that they were meant for, at the time of their composition.Nor all voices conveniently fit into the melody mould. Last millennium memories of Tamil film music will prove beyond doubt, that there were two men whose voices were welded to the melody zone and could make soul-sustaining rhythms of the highest order at all times and they are A.M.Raja and P.B.Srinivas. Though age wise, they could be called contemporaries, A.M.Raja had set his foot in the Tamil film industry almost a decade earlier than P.B.Srinivas. But both the singers were incomparable in their soft voice frame that carried an exciting quality of vibration and penetrating base.
     The similarity between the two star singers who ruled the taste of the music prone ears for a couple of decades of the last century, was their matching voice preference for the ever green romantic hero Gemini Ganesan as the voice of Mukesh was a grand suitable factor for the outstanding Hindi romantic hero Raj Kapoor. Besides,both the singers were the special favourites of  C.V.Sridhar the brand ambassador for romantic themes in Tamil Cinema.In fact, A.M.Raja had not only sung, but had also composed music for Sridhar's films like Kalyana Parisu,Vidivelli and Thein Nilavu. The other movie for which A.M.Raja was the music director was Gemini Ganesan's Aadipperukku directed by K.Shankar. P.B.Srinivas who began his career a few years later, became a regular voice addition to the music rich films of Sridhar, like, Nenjil Oer Aalayam,Nenjam Marappadhillai, Policekaaran Magal, Sumai Thaangi, Kadhalikka Neramillai,Vennira Aadai,Ootivarai Uravu and so on.The contribution of P.B.Srinivas to Tamil film music was a little more voluminous than that of A.M.Raja because his voice perfectly matched that of another hero Muthuraman. But what keeps them both in the fore front, is their commitment to the melody zone and the charming stuff of sweetness that has been an eternal layer of their song composition.
     One of  my childhood favourite songs that I always used to listen to and tried to sing  was A.M.Raja's 'Kalaiye Un Vizhikooda Kavipaaduthe' from Gemini Ganesan's 'Gunasundari' for which music was composed by Gantasala. The other unforgettable song is 'Samsaaram Samsaaram' from the film bearing the same title. Five decades later, even now these two songs are ringing in my ears as celestial numbers.These were songs eulogizing a woman and a wife. P.B.S sang a couple of songs similar in tone and tenor and they are 'Kaalangalil Aval Vasnatham'[Paava Mannippu] Maalaiyil Malarcholaiyil[Adutha Veettuppen] and'Thulli thirindha Pen Onru' [Kaathirundha Kangal]. The heart warming solo songs of Raja reflecting a mood of joy were 'Pattu Paada Vaa'[Thein Nilavu] 'Podhum Undhan Jaalame Puriyudhe Un Veshame' [Kadan Vaangi Kalyaanam] and 'Pazhaga Theiya Venum' [Missiamma]. The same kind of numbers from PBS were Ilamai Koluvirukkum Inimai Suvaiyirukkum', Kaadhal Nilave Kanmani Radha[Both from Halo Mr.Zamindhar] Nilavukku Enmel Ennadi Kobam [Policekaaran Magal] and'Paadhhatha Paatelaam Paadavandhaal' [Veerathirumagan]
     A.M.Raja had delivered a few immortal duet songs for MGR films such as 'Maasilaa Unmai Kaadhale' [Alibabavum Naarpathu Thirudargalum] 'Mayakkum Maalai Pozhudhe Nee Po Po' [Gulebagavali] and 'Kanmoodum Velaiyilum' [Mahadevi].Similarly PBS has done for that timeless hero, songs like'En Aruge Neeyirundhal' [Thirudhathe] and 'Paal Vannam Paruvam Kandu' [Paasam].Gemini Ganesan's mood of suspicion of his wife or lover was beautifully reflected by A.M.Raja's 'Arugil Vandhaal' [Kalathur Kannamma] and later the same way  by PBS through his ever green 'Chinna Chinna Kannanukku' [Vaazhkai Padagu]. Some of the joyous or soothing duet songs of A.M.Raja were 'Thingal Urangiyapodhum' [Petra Maganai Vitra Annai] 'Vaaraayo Vennilaave' [Missiamma]'Adhimadhura Anuraagaa [Engal Kudumbam Perisu]"Aadaatha Manamum Aaduthe' [Kalathur Kannamma] 'Vaadikkai Marandhadhum Eino' [Kalyaana Parisu] 'Kangalin Vaarthaigal' [Kalathur Kannaamma] 'Chinna Chinna Kannile' 'Kaalaiyum Neeye Maalaiyum Neeye' [ both from Thein Nilavu] and Thuyilaadha Pen Onru and'Kalaiye En Vaazkayin' {From Meenda Sorgam}.In addition to these, the two unforgettable duet songs that Raja sang for Sivaji movies were 'Singaara Paingiliye Pesu'[Manohara] and 'Vaazhvinile Vaazhvinile'[Vanangamudi]. For all these duet songs,the female voice support was that of Jikki or P.Suseela or S.Janaki.
      In an equally enchanting manner, PBS has bestowed upon the music loving Tamil audience, a huge collection of duet songs teaming up with P.Suseela or S.Janaki. Some of the all time hits in this category are,'Roja Malare Rajakumari' [Veerathithirumagan]'Poojaikku Vandha Malare Vaa' [Paadha Kaanikkai] 'Athikkai Kai' [ Bale Pandiya] 'Thoel Kanden' [Idhaya kamalam]'Valartha Kadhai Marandhuvittaal' [Kaathirundha Kangal] 'Anubhavam pudhumai' [Kaadhalikka Neramillai] 'Naan Unnaicherndha Selvam'[Kalaikoil] Raja Rajasri Raani Vandhaal [Ootivarai Uravu] and Podhigaimalai Uchiyile [Thiruvilaiyaadal] and 'Mambazhathu Vandu'.PBS has also given us a few unforgettable philosophical songs like 'Ninaipadhellaam Nadandhuvittaal'[Nenjil Oer Aalayam] Manidhan Enbavan [Sumaithangi] 'Sirippu Paadhi Azhugai Paadhi'[Enga Veetu Pem] 'Endha Oor Enravane'[Kaattu Roja] and Iravin Madiyil Ulagam Urangum [Sarasa.B.A]. The two beautiful numbers that PBS and TMS sang together are Aval Parandhu Ponaale [Paar Magale Paar] and Paadinaal Oru Paatu [Oruthai Makkal].One was a Sivaji Ganesan film and the other was that of MGR.
    While A.M.Raja came out with two high spirited duet and group songs like 'Oho Enthan Baby'[Theinialavu] and 'Koduthu paar paar unmai anbai' [Vidivelli] PBS has also done such record breaking tunes in his songs like 'Nee Pohumidamellaam naanum Varuven' [Idhayakamalam]  'Maadimela Maadikatti' [Kaadhalikka Neramillai] and 'Ethanai Ethanai Inbamadaa'[Aasai Mugam].If A.M.Raja has left us solo, sorrow laden songs like 'Unnaikandu Naan Vaada', 'Kaahalile Toelviutraan'[Kalyana Parisu] and duet ones with P.Suseela such as 'Varuven Naan Unadhu Maaligaiyin Vaasalukke'[Mallika] and 'Thanimaiyile Inimaikaana Mudiyuma' [Aadipperukku] PBS  has created a similar impact in the songs 'Mayakkamaa kalakkamaa' [Sumaidhangi] 'Aval Parandhu Poenaale' [Paar Magale Paar] and 'Indha Manrathil Oedivarum' with S.Janaki.
    Tamil Film industry has come across several talented singers in the recent decades.But there is always a sense of longing for the voice of A.M.Raja and P.B.Srinivas because of their mellifluous, melody making voice pattern.Most of the songs of these two grandiose singers have an underlying salutary component, that can assuage the conflicting emotions of the human population.They can infuse a great comforting sense like the mother's lullabies that are capable of calming the minds of kids undergoing some kind of disturbance known only to them and the mother.It is their voice frame with  the charm of maternal rhythms, that makes A.M.Raja and P.B.Srinivas, the two magical melody makers, because only music in its melodious form, can temporarily replace a mother.

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