Friday, April 3, 2015

An Invigorating Rural Drama..

    Starting from the days of A.Bhimsingh,Krishnan Panju and K.S.Gopalakrishnan,rural themes have been electrifying, if portrayed with veracity and vigour. Bharathi Raja and Bagyaraj gave many a rural hit to find a lasting place in the Tamil film archives.After Ameer's Paruthiveeran,here comes another worthy movie of Karthik Sivakumar with all the notable rural ingredients.At the outset it might look like a medley of Raj Kiran's Manickam,Kamal's Devar Magan, Vishal's Sandakozhi and Karthik's Paruthi Veeran .But then story lines can not help carrying an overlapping impact and at times, even narration would reflect a repeat feeling, because it is very difficult to register freshness at all levels.What makes the movie special, is the committed contribution of the entire cast, maintaining the tempo almost with a consistent level of energy.
   The most unforgettable aspect of the film is the treatment of father-in-law/son-in-law relationship with its wide ranging ramifications of mistrust- turned trust, hatred- turned love and insult- turned regard.In this film it is not the father-in-law who undergoes the transformation but the son-in-law who moves closer to his father-in -law.Be it the role of a father or father-in-law, Raj Kiran now a days, is the perfect choice for such a role and he never fails to give a commendably impressive performance.Lakshmi Menon reminds us in certain frames, of her earlier performance in a similar rustic character in Sundara Pandian.Her filial attachment is a straight course and the display of a daughter's love and devotion to her father are refreshing in the sense that there is no over doze of sentiment or melodramatic presentation.
   Sarala has successfully replaced Achi Manorama in a catchy role as the mother of the hero. Thambi Ramaiah's character is getting typecast. Karunas looks a bit exhausted and his strained role performance seems to be unusual of his calibre.The climax stunt scene is greatly pictured and  the spiritual orgy showing Raj Kiran in wild ecstasy and oracle mood, creates an extraordinary feel of freshness with considerable  thrill and twist in narration, bringing a memorable finale to the film. Karthik has fixed his body and mind for a focused delivery of the subtle and aggressive elements of his character. This is certainly another remarkable film of Karthik in the line of Paruthi Veeran,Naan Mahaan Alla,Payyaa and Madras. G.V.Prakash Kumar's music is truly a bonanza with a couple of vibrant songs and gripping background score.The rural feuds are not anything new.But what makes the film specially rural, is the way it credibly establishes the rural routine, with actors becoming part and parcel of the rural mould and narration not deviating anywhere.On the whole the film projects the rural soil with authenticity and understanding.Beyond all this, it is the invigorating style of narration that makes it an interesting rural drama.

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