Saturday, April 11, 2015

The wonders of a Tamil Comedian.


   Cinema in general is known for its conventionalities ,clichés  and customary  characteristics for being a formulaic medium of creativity in several aspects. The  variety  with regard to the genre, character formation, musical addition, comic relief, romantic component ,stunt quotient ,cathartic effects and choreography yardsticks do have a set pattern as to  what, when, where and how the above ingredients should get evenly mixed up while making a movie. Even art films have their fundamentals .The only difference is in the mode of presentation of all these elements, reflecting the individual film maker’s  personality and inherent potential. But at times, unusual things happen  just as a whim of  the creative  process  like comets and meteors  or shooting stars adorning the sky. Such  unusual happenings stay as wonders, claiming their timeless galleries for a position of immortality. Tamil Cinema is not lacking in this respect.
    Can any one imagine a popular comedian with a singing ability to lend his voice to the hero as a playback singer, while he himself is acting in that movie in a powerful comic role? Yes, it has happened in Tamil Cinema, with the versatile comedian J.P.Chandrababu giving his voice for none another than the Chevalier, Sivaji Ganesan, for the song ‘'Jolly life’’ in Kalyaanam Panniyum Brmmachari. The same comedy superstar has lent his voice to S.Balachander for the film ‘’Penn’’ and the song was ‘Kalyaanam Venum’.
    Have we ever seen the hero standing beside the comedian, watching him sing and dance? Yes, it was the same Chandrababu who made MGR stand and watch him perform, for the song 'Thillaanaa Paattupaadi’ in the film Pudhumai Pithan. No other comedian except N.S.Krishnan would  have taken this kind of privilege with MGR. Again, no other comedian would have sung three or four songs in a single film as Chandrababu did.[eg.Padhi Bakthi and Kumara Raja].This comedian had been exuberantly singing at least one song in each of his films and at times even two, in several others {Sabash Meena and Adimai Penn might be exceptions}.
    Quite often, Chandrababu is said to have superseded others  in creating a high profile for himself,  in terms of screen space, salary and significance in role assignment. These days when even some heroes find it difficult to do multi tasking, such as fighting and dancing, it is really awesome that we had a comedian who could essay comic and sobre roles { Kavalai Illaadha Manidhan, Kumararaja and so on} sing philosophical songs like Onnume Puriyale Ulagathile,{Kumara Raja} Pirakkumbodhum Azhukinraan,Irakkumbodhum Azhuhinraan{Kavalai Illaadha Manidhan}, Budhiyulla Manidharellaam Vetri Kaanbadhillai{Annai},Sirippu Varudhu{Aandavan Kattalai} and dance breezily, with fascinating brilliance.His rock and roll movements and amazing strokes of gesticulations and typical shades of physical comedy were ever a special attraction.Some of his most popular and fascinating numbers are 'Pambarakkannaale'{Manamagan Thevai} 'Kovaammambazhame' {Maaman Magal}Unakkaaga Ellaam Unakkaaga[Pdhayal} and 'Naan Oru Muttaalunga'{Sahodhari}
    Though Nagesh could act and dance like Chandrababu, he could not sing like him. Chandrababu had a unique vibration in his voice that helped him sing and deliver dialogues felicitously. He had teamed up with all the three heroes of his time viz MGR,Sivaji Ganesan and Gemini Ganesan with equal levels of intimacy. He had been paired with actresses  like E.V.Saroja, Manorama and Madhavi. He had sung duets with established singers of his time like A.G.Rathna Mala, A.P.Komala,Jikki,P.Leela, Jamuna Rani and L.R.Eswari  besides joining great male voices like TMS  P.B.Srinivas and A.L.Raghavan for group songs.
    There would have been many actors doing a round in popular comic roles, but certainly, there would not have been an actor like Chandrababu,with a magnificent  flow of versatility, to find a historic place in Tamil Cinema. Chandrababu had mesmerized the audience by his voice and vibe and ever fixed his personality in the minds of the film goers. The wonders of this diversely talented comedian, will make him ever remain as one of the outstanding profiles of Tamil Cinema.

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