Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Atlee's Three Cheers with Vijay


  The spirit of camaraderie between a film maker and his frequent hero is of a special kind with a taste of success,based on mutual understanding and appreciation between each other. This is how film makers like A.Bhimsingh, P.Madhavan,A.P.Nagarajan,Krishnan Panju,A.C.Thirulok chander and a few other reputed Tamil film makers gave many a blockbuster with Sivaji Ganesan.MGR and P.Neelakandan developed such a team spirit reflecting the hat trick of making success stories .The same way S.P.Muthuraman and Rajinikanth established an exemplary rapport with each other by their repeated victory march under the banner of the AVM studios.Among the new generation heroes,the Ajith Saran combination gave us a few hits like Kaadhal Mannan, Amarkalam, Attakasam and Asal.
   Similarly Vijay who has climbed up the ladder to enviable stardom through consecutive hits, seems to have become the mascot of film makers like A.R.Murugadoss and Atlee.Of the two Atlee who hails from the grandiose Sankar school of mega film making,has been very fortunate in making very impressive shows like Theri,Mersal and Bigil.All the three films have been mass entertainers with substantial difference in story line,while at the same time casting a mark of similarity,in taking the style of narration to magnificent heights.
  While Theri was a high sounding police story with conventional political abuse of society in general and women in particular,Mersal was a mighty extravaganza with an extraordinary  entertainment quotient supported by A.R.Reheman's stupendous musical grandeur.Theme wise there seems to be an underlying similarity between Mersal and Bigil in the sense that both the films speak about the rights denied to the suppressed sections of society.
   While Mersal focused on the denial of timely medical assistance to the poor and socially downtrodden sections of society,Bigil throws light on the deprivation of right to sports,for those who are marginalized and neglected  in terms of social and economic growth.In both the films Vijay played the father role too,with two sons in the former and one in the latter.
   The assertive factor bringing the two films on a similar journey,is a bunch of unifying threads like sentiment,insult of the underdog and an enormous display of brutal killings as the leading game plan of narration of both Mersel and Bigil.
  Though there were two and three heroines paired with Vijay in Theri and Mersal respectively, Bigil with Nayantara as a single female pair of Vijay,creates a graceful feel with her disarming demonstration of mischievous innocence and subtle nuances in acting.The Vijay Nayantara combination is certainly an added strength to the film because they parade as the naughty pair in most of the scenes.When compared to Mersal there is more to take home in Bigil by way of qualitative memories of sporting spirit as one of the most powerful tools for liberating women from the clutches of male domination and gender discrimination. Besides,Vijay as father and son, leaves an'embracing'touch of his role play in duality.
  Among the villains of the three films,S.J.Suriya will be ever remembered as the ruthless wolfish medico,followed by late J.Magendran as an incarnation of devilry with his inimitable addiction to the proverb "Less said words yield bigger actions."Jackie Shroff fades into thin air in the sound and fury of both the elder and younger Vijay.A special pat to all the actors who performed as sports women.
   A genuine sorry to Ananda Raj,the most murderous villain of Tamil cinema,for his  meekest and least identified presence in the film,though he appears in many scenes. Funnily,even the pastor{George Maryon} who appears only in a couple of scenes,makes an indelible  mark by slapping Nayanthara's dad,{poor Prof Gnanasambandham} whenever he loses his temper.    A.R.Reheman's 'Singa Penney'sung in his own voice,is a wonderful piece of vocal enchantment, despite the fact that it does not fail to remind one of his ever green"Thai Manne Vanakkam''.
   No doubt Mersal was the grandest show of Atlee with Vijay. However, the second half of Bigil will last in our memory as an exquisitely whistling sports show,by presenting gorgeous and visually exciting sports events on the big screen,with meticulous concern for the emotional vibrations of each and every sports person and with a predominant thrust on the power of dedication of a coach to his team,with his potential for grooming the inner strength of the players, that never fails to hit the goal.It is a clarion whistle for projecting the power of womanhood in the sporting arena,especially in the field of football.


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  1. Bigil like Mission Mangalyan deals Woman empowerment, challenges even last stage of the mission, team work above of self interest. satellite launch or football cup, winning attributes are almost same. We need to copy that, learn and apply in our life.