Wednesday, September 5, 2012

About the Blog.

                                               My Movie Minutes:- A Prelude.

       This blog 'My Movie Minutes' is going to be my tribute to the Film industry,with my focus mostly on Tamil movies.It will remain as a positive feed back of my movie-watch experiences and their percolation into my imagination and understanding from my childhood days.Some how I developed a deeper passion for movies and because of my extreme love for films I would not like to reflect any negative perceptions in this blog .I would hardly attempt at revealing any critical assessments, leading to exposure of the defective aspects of films.
    To me,a movie is a wholesome source of great entertainment and the sum total of different scales of creative activities, involving dreams, struggles, expectations,fulfillment and disappointments of a variety of people.A full time, film-devotee that I am,I will only admire and adore all components of a movie, that strengthen my bond to this mind-transporting mechanism,with its wide wings of 'willing suspension of disbelief '
      I am going to record my views on a variety of themes, story line and script,and other aspects like characterization,the role of actors and directors including music composers.I should mention here that after crossing  the stage of adolescence, I became closer to the action genre films, comedies and family dramas watching them with enthusiasm and admiration. However, this blog will not ignore other types of movies like thrillers and films focusing on negative zones of the perverted psyche.I would bring into the blog's purview all the leading actors,many leading playback singers of different times, both male and female,who passed through my vision and imagination over a time span of more than five decades.
     Some of the leading production houses will find a special mention in this blog.Some movies of timeless value with an epic status in presentation, will draw my special attention.Topics of interest will at times move to certain unique concepts in the process of film making.
    I  gratefully acknowledge my indebtedness to Wikipedia and other Google sources, for my access to all the photos of film personalities, and other needed pictures made available in their respective sites.
    If there are factual or chronological errors in this blog,I earnestly apologize before hand.On the whole, this blog has remained my long term, field motivation, drawing my imagination to its fullest extent and driving my thoughts towards the destination of words and sentences, so as to compete with my other blog, that contains my poems and random thoughts. What is to follow is in divine hands.

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