Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Muthuraman Magic.


      .Muthuraman who started his acting career with 'Abalai Anjugam' was the only person who kept his schedule mostly busy,by accepting a variety of  roles and doing full justice to them.This was chiefly because of his open mindedness to act with all the contemporary actors of his  days without prejudice of any kind.With his voice  made up of the mellifluous stuff,he could deliver the softer emotional side with utmost ease.It was by his sheer acting credentials,Muthuraman became the all time favourite of directors with  remarkably diverse creative aptitudes like Sridhar, K.Balachander and K.S.Gopalakrishnan. 
      Muthuraman was the only actor who would have acted as the second hero in almost three fourth of his releases.Again it was he who would have acted in maximum number of movies with Sivaji Ganesan.The other actors with whom he would have acted shunning any reservation,were Gemini Ganesan Kalyan Kumar,JaiShankar,Ravichandran AVM.Rajan and Sivakumar.He had also acted with the famous actors like Rajini and Kamal who belonged to his successive generation.With MGR he had acted about five movies ['Arasilankuari,Therthiruvizha,Kannan En Kadhalan,En Annan' and 'Oruthai Makkal.']  
       Muthuraman's suave style of acting was a treat to the viewers.He fitted exactly into characters  of  stories representing both royal and social themes.Though his participation in films with a royal story background were not many,he made his contribution to such films noteworthy.As Arjuna in 'Karnan',as King Shenbaga Pandian in 'Thiruvilaiyadal' and as Prince Vimaladhithan in Raja Raja Cholan,Muthuraman's appearance and acting  were really impressive. His winning way of expressing tragic emotions was totally different from that of other actors because of the added sweetness in the modulation of his voice from its base to higher levels of intonation.
       Among the female artists his most frequent pair was K.R.Vijaya who seemed to enjoy her acting with Muthuraman ,as much as she did with Sivaji Ganesan.The best movies that Muthuraman and K.R.Vijaya acted together were,'ServerSundaram' 'Panjavarnakkili', 'Nenjirukkumvarai',Sondham, 'Namma Veetu Deivam' and 'Deerga Sumagali'.
      As an affectionate brother in 'Police karan Mahal' and'Major Chandraganth',and as a selfish one in 'Sumaithangi' he reflected the dual sides if sibling emotions.Similarly, as an egotist husband in 'Sondam' and as one afflicted with inferiority complex in 'Sooryakandhi' as a suspecting husband in movies like'Nenjirikkumvarai' and 'Raman Ethanai Ramanadi', and finally as the most loving husband in 'Deergasumangali' Muthuraman beautifully displayed the umpteen shades of the macho element in conjugal relationship.As an ailing husband treated by the former lover of his wife, Muthuraman excellently exhibited his helpless plight and  predicament in Srdhar's 'Nenjil Oer Aalayam'.In this context, it should be said that Muthuraman and Devika were also accepted as the matching pair of Tamil Cinema.
       Comedy was the other area in which Muturaman always stood to gain.From the most
hilarious 'Kaadalikka Neramillai' and 'Baamaa Vijayam' to the great farce 'Kaasedan Kadavulada' Muthuraman simply celebrated his exuberant journey through comedy.
       When it comes to villainy he was definitely of a different brand enjoying each and every moment of his villainy with the joy of hurting his victim.His womanizing zeal and deceptive behaviour shown in movies like 'Namma Veetu Deivam' and 'Avalukkenru Oru Manam' demonstrated his capacity for being cast in a variety of roles.His incorrigible craving for villainy depicted in Maanavan became another milestone in his career. Similarly,his acceptance of a much ticklish role in 'Marupiravi' [a remake of the Malyalam movie 'Punar Jenmam' starring Madhu and Jeyabarathi] as a mother- obsessed man,who sees his mother in his wife and hence is distracted from having sex with her, proved to be a fresh challenge for his confidence level.His performance in such a character with a complex psychological throw,put him at a higher scale as an actor.
       In the dignified role of a pastor in Cho Ramasamy's 'Unmaiye Un Vilaiyenna', as a fine  but,practical humanist in 'Punnagai' as a rude man with a melting soft corner in 'Ethir Neechal' and as a rough and tough guy with a comedy touch in Veetukku Veedu,his performance was a sample of his innate quest for acting. His final appearances were as Kamalahasan's father in 'Guru'and as villain in Rajini's 'Pokkiri Raja'There was a magic charm in his acting and that made him another great monument of Tamil Cinema. But for his untimely death, this best  performer, could have revealed much more of his latent histrionic skills.

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