Friday, September 14, 2012

Gemini and His Realm Of Romance.


    Romance is the solid base of world cinema.Tamil films are no exception to this aesthetic principle of film making.Think of romance in Tamil movies, and there appears the insurmountable image of  Gemini Ganesan,the outstanding ambassador of  the romantic realm. Any one can adorn the grease for a role;but not all can fit into the role of a romantic hero.The element of romance can be demonstrated in a serenading, subdued style, or with the force and fervour of an aggressive macho frame. Gemini belongs to the former brand, reaching his lady love in committed form with a body and mind full of warmth and sweetness.
     Gemini's honey-tongued words, and the persuasive manner in which they are uttered are the chief source of the winning streaks of the true romantic model.The most essential quality of a romantic, is the ability to instill faith,sustain it with utmost credibility and avert disappointments at any stage.It is the foremost duty of a lover to prove his credibility and confidence in the art of love making. Even in helpless situations,he should be reasonably convincing to the extent of generating acceptability. Gemini has always essayed his role as a lover without a trace of flamboyance in normal and turbulent situations.Torn between two women in movies like  'Bagyalatcumi'  'Kalyana Parisu' 'Iru Kodugal' and 'Vellivizha' he has proved to be an inimitable actor capable of venting his emotions with valued dignity and poise. As a strained lover,caught in the web of selfishly demanding family circumstances in 'Sumaithangi', his acceptance of priesthood at the cost of his profound love for the girl of his choice, the level of grandeur and dignity that Gemini Ganesan reflected, proved his classic style of acting .
      No one can sideline Gemini's softest core of love making. The smoothness with which he delivers dialogue and his synchronizing body language are notable assets to his romantic roles.It looks as if, he loves at the perfect unison of his mind and spirit. His craving for love, at times makes him a possessive lover, prone to suspect the fidelity of his lady love as it happens in movies like 'Kalathur Kannamma','Vazhkaipadahu' and 'Paarthaal Pasitheerum'.However, in all these movies, it is the circumstances that drive him to behave so.
       Gemini's display of romance in movies like 'Kalyana Parisu','Paarthiban Kanavu'.'Thein Nilavu','Meenda Sorgam','Halo Mr.Zamindar','Kalathur Kannamma' 'Panithirai' and many more films will make him a living legend of love. He has also donned the role of a Casanova in K.Balachander's 'Naan Avanillai' showing remarkably,the fake side of romance.
       The songs in male voice rendered by A.M.Raja and P.B Srinivas, in the films of Gemini add to the fascinating perception of romantic experience,reflecting the tantalizing characteristic of the realm of romance. Gemini has acted as an exemplary soldier stamping bravery, in movies like 'Veera Paandia Kattabomman','Vanjikkottai Vaaliban' and 'Konjum Salangai'. He has also played character roles in several films and performed villainy in some.But his major contribution to Tamil Cinema was as a staunch lover of women, reflecting his capacity for letting out the distinct shades and dimensions of the romantic world.  

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