Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Actor Singers of Tamil Cinema.

         Singers like T.M Soundarajan,Sirkazhi Govindarajan and  S.B.Balasubramanian have got into the actor's garb once a way.T.M.S has appeared as Pattinathar and Arunagirinathar and Sirkazhi Govindarajan has donned the role of Agasthiyar.S.P.B has played the role of a soft loving dad in a few movies.But there was a time in Tamil Cinema, when only persons who could sing would be allowed to act.This is how actors like M.K.Thiagaraja Bagavadhar, and P.U.Chinnappa got into the film world.T.R Mahalingam was another actor best known for his great singing potential. No one can forget the eternal melodies of M.K.T and T.R.Mahalingam.
      The scintillating voice of T.R.Mahalingam in the songs delivered by him in movies like 'Amudavalli', ,'Abalai Anjugam' 'Adavanda Deivam','Malaiyitta Mangai' and later in the most popular 'Thiruvilaiyadal' is always a mesmerizing experience for music lovers.Similarly. M.K.T's most famous  'Amba manam kanindhu', Sopna vazhvil magizhndhu','Neelakanda''Rajan maharajan' 'Vadaname chandrabimbamo' and 'Natiyakkalaiye ' are the sweetest songs from an immortal voice.
     Among the female leads,there was Bharat Ratna M.S.Subbulakshmi ,the nightingale of carnatic music ,who performed the role of Meera,and delivered the sweetest song 'Kaatrinile varum geetham' However being a marvellous carnatic musician,her preference was more for singing rather than acting. K.B.Sundarambal the other singer by choice and merit, proved to be the fittest person to don the role of Avvaiyyar the well known Tamil Saint-cum-Poetess; she is best remembered for her high sounding voice in delivering songs in movies like 'Avvaiyar' 'Thiruvilaiyadal' and as another saint Kaundhi Adigal, in 'Poompuhar' 
    S.Varalakshmi,an actress with sparkling eyes and powerful voice was a good singer too.She had left a few fascinating numbers of which her songs in Veera Paandia Kattabomman' as the wife of the Tamil provincial ruler Kattabomman [played by Sivaji Ganesan]and later the most powerful as well as melodious numbers like Vellimalai Mannava {Kandhan Karunai} 'Yedu Thandhaanadi Thillaiyile' {Raja Raja Cholan} and 'Indha Pachaikkilikoru Sevvandhi Poovil Thottilai Kattivaithein' as MGR's pampering mother in the film 'Needhikku Thalavanangu' find a special place in Tamil film music history.
    The other bold, actor- singer  whose mellifluous voice enticed music lovers. during this period was P.Bhanumathi She used to render her voice for music in all her movies and the songs she delivered in movies like 'Malaikallan' 'Alibabavum Naarpathu Thirudargalum' 'Thaikkupin Thaaram' 'Makkalaipetra Magaraasi','Arivaali' and the most popular 'Annai' will remain as timeless melodies. Among the next generation heroines,it was only J.Jeyalalitha who gave her voice to her songs in half a dozen movies of which 'Amma Eenral Anbu['Adimaipen' ]and 'Naan Enral Adhu Neeyum Naanum'[ 'Sooryakanthi']  are well known.
     At this juncture, it would become an act of injustice if no mention is made about the wonderful comedians N.S.Krishnan and Chandrababu who captivated the audience by their singing core. N.S.K's clear voice,delivering songs full of  fresh ideas worthwhile messages in films like Panam,NallaThambi and Mudhal Thedhi, could easily establish a familiar base with a large section of the audience. With this purposeful endeavour,he could make his comedy an art of sensible dimensions.
     Chandrababu,the other amazing comedian of this era,fascinatingly rendered very many undying songs,along with his rock and roll movements.His meaningful melodies in movies like 'Annai' ['Buthiyulla Manidharellam']'Aandavan Kattalai' [' Sirippu Varudhu]  'Kavalai illatha Manithan' 'Pirakkum bodhum'] and 'Kumararaja' {'Onnume Puriyale Ulagathile'}made a creditable impact on the theatre goers of that time. However,he is adored for his rendition of hilarious songs like 'Bambarakkannale'' ''Kungumappoove' ' 'Konjam Thallikanum' 'Naan oru Muttalunga' 'Thillaanaa Paatuppaadi' 'Kovamambazhame' and 'Kalyaanam Venum'.The valued voices of all these actor singers, are recorded permanently in the reverberating march of time.Now,among the comedians, Vadivelu has a voice, one that is  confident and capable of delivering tunes with clarity of words and grasp of rhythm.
     Besides,,we have the versatile,innovative and magnificently talented classic hero Kamalahasan, capable of singing with sense in a self- made style.One of his most popular songs is 'Gnaayiru Olimazhaiyil Thingal Kulikkavandhaal'.The emerging mass hero Vijay,has also rendered his good voice for a few worthy numbers. The latest additions in this category,have been the young actors Danush and Simbu,who have made their singing listening worthy.At a time when music directors are trying their mettle in acting, more number of actors like Sruthi Kamal have also joined the band wagon of singers giving a vent to their voice, by singing.

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