Monday, July 1, 2013

Superstar's Super Dialogues .{ English Version }

       Raajathi Raaja.

  1} I will say what I do and do what I say.


  2} If I say once,it is presumed to be said a hundred times.
 3} God gives the bad in plenty but lets them off his hands;
    God puts the good people to many ordeals but never lets them down.


 4} Nobody knows when and how I will come.But I'll arrive at time when I have to.
 5} No body knows when Cough or Sneeze or yawning will come.Even if it comes no one can  ask why it has come.
6}Those who get cheated are more foolish than those who cheat.
7} What is due can not be inaccessible;what is not due can not be accessible.


 8} There is no history that men who aspire for more or women who get more angry have lived happily.


  9}  A lion will  always come alone;it is pigs that will come in a herd.
10} If the date of death is known, the days of living will be hell.   

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