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Three Felicitous Tamil Playback Singers, from Other Regions.

      Tamil film music was known for its native glory, during the founding years of Tamil Cinema. Apart from tunes and different genres of music composition, songs those days had the special identity of native accent, besides carrying the base of lyrical grandeur. Tamil songs emanating from the core of the soil, were categorically distinct from those of other regions, on account of the emotional undercurrents symbolic of the Tamil language and because of inspiring singers like  M.K.Thiagaraja Bagavadhar, D.K.Pattammaal,P.U.Chinnappa,M.S.Subbulakshmi,Dhandabani Desigar, T.M.Soundarajan,Sirkazhi S.Govindarajan, C.S.Jeyaraman and Thiruchi Loga nathan.All these native singers, articulated Tamil with utmost precision in accent and without a trace of vocal error. Subsequently, persons from the Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada regions became Tamil play back singers, taking Tamil Film music to newer dimensions, though precision in Tamil accent was a bit missing here and there, in the case of one or two singers like P.B.Srinivas and K.J.Yesudas.
     Many of these singers from other regions added memorable and immortal songs into the Tamil Film music gallery. Then, during the closing years of the last century, singers from regions like Mumbai and Nepal, gave their own felicitous wings to Tamil film songs, fetching a mood of ecstasy to the listeners. In this list, we are fortunate to have a fabulous singer like Asha Bhosle, whose melodious number'Shenbagame Shenbagame' and the ever rocking song 'September Maadham' could simply exalt the mood of music lovers with boundless joy.     
       In the recent two decades, three singers,two from Mumbai and one from Nepal, have significantly contributed to the enhancement of quality, of Tamil film songs.As a matter of fact, all the three singers are endowed with an exquisite nasal tone;but even here, the nasal fabric is distinctly identifiable by a considerable alien charm in one, a gliding,zig zag tone in another and a bold open wield in the third.The first voice frame referred to here, belongs to the fascinating Nepal-born singer Udith Narayan and the second and third are that of Hariharan and Shankar Mahadehevan, respectively.
      The Nepali tongue is naughtily felicitous, with an incomparable energy quotient creating a possessed feel.It is the strange Tamil accent in his voice that is alluring. Words like 'Parvaayillai' for 'paravaayillai'{the song Kaadhal Pisaasu from Run}and the peculiar mode of utterance of the proper noun Eswara in that song from Kannedhire Thoenrinaal,make Udit Narayan a singer of unusual charm.Be it a duet song, or a chorus number his voice reaches our ears with a magnetic appeal.Songs like 'Kokkara Kokkarekko',{Ghilli}'Achacho Punnagai'{Shajahan} 'Vaadiyamma Jakkammaa' {Thirumalai}'Kuluvayile' {Muthu}'Rani Rangamma' {Padikkadhavan of Danush}'Sahaanaa Saaral' {Sivaji}'Thein Thein' {Kreedom} and 'Engeyo Paartha Mayakkam'{Yaaradi Nee Mohini},with an enchanting nasal sweetness, remain an eternal aural treat.His other popular number'Romeo Aattam Poettaal' sung along with Hariharan from Mr.Romeao abounds in gusto and wield. Udit carries an alien fascination in his voice, that makes his rendering of songs, totally different from that of others. Precision of Tamil pronunciation may be found wanting in his songs, but it is this lack of precision that lets in, an exquisitely delightful trait in rendition.
       Shankar Mahadevan,the bold voice from Mumbai,has the exuberance and might to govern our ears with force,clarity and energy.I am an ardent admirer of the magnificent thrust in his voice and three of his mighty songs that always keep ringing in my ears are his 'Enna Solla Poegiraai'{Kandukondein Kandukondein}'Neeya Pesiadhu'{Thirumalai} and 'Thaniye Thannandhaniye'{Rhythm} and the energy packed casual song ''Machan Peru Madhura'' from the film Madhura.He has a stentorian voice like that of TMS and the striking difference is the nasal tinge like that of M.K.T.In a way,to me,he seems to carry the magical charm of both M.K.T and T.M.S.A song like 'Varaaha Nadhikkaraiyoram' {Sangamam} would easily bring to one's memory a nostalgic feel of the voice of M.K.Thiagaraja Baagavadhar. He can deliver vigorous kuthu songs like 'Allthoetta Bhoopathi Naanadaa' {Youth}'Sarakku Vachirukkein'{Shajahan} 'Manmadha Raasaa'{Thiruda Thirudi}and 'Maambazha maam  Maambazham'{Pokkiri} or a breezy duet like 'Aasai Aasai' {Dhool}with convincing zeal and enchanting appeal. Mahadevan who seems to have sung more number of songs for Vijay films, genuinely fulfills the musical expectations of the new generation.
       Hariharan on the contrary,has a travelling voice, rolling joyously for a while, making roller coaster movements with a gliding sense,taking U turns or zig zag tilts in a manner of music, known only to his instinct.Be it the most soothing melodies like 'Konja Naal Poru Thalaivaa'{Aasai}'Thamizha Thamizha'{Roja}'Yaarindha Devadhai'{Unnai Ninaithu}'Telephone Manipoel Sirippaval Ivalaa'{Indian}and 'Vennilave Vennilave' {Minsaarak kanavu}or the tremendously mind piercing high pitch renderings like 'Uyire Uyire' {Bombay} and 'Vidukadhaiyaa En Vaazhkkai' {Muthu} his wriggling,soothing and disarming voice carries an amazing style and charm in rendition. Like the fabulous Hindi Playback singer Mukesh,Hariharan's voice keeps on digging and filling and digging again for a refill.It creates a longing for his voice to visit our souls, for an aesthetically enhancing experience.The two songs,'Mazhaithuli Mazhaithuli' and 'Aalaala handa' from Sangamam for which he shared his voice with M.S.Viswanathan, reflect the vocal potential that Hariharan is capable of,to compete with the boundless high pitch of that veteran music director. Some of the other fascinating numbers of Hariharan are,'Aval Varu vaalaa' {Nerukku Ner} 'Kandu kondein Kandukondein'{ Film with the same title}'Romeo Aaattam Poettaal' {Mr.Romeo} 'Vaaji Vaaji'{Sivaji} 'Thaaliye Thevayilla' {Thamirabarani} 'Aiyyangaaru Veettu Azghage'{Anniyan} and 'Amali Thumali' {Ko}.The softest and fantastically framed voice of Hariharan, with its mild nasal undercurrent, causes an electrifying sense, that can hardly be replaced by any other voice.Both Hariharan and Shankar Mahadevan appear to be the favoured singers of A.R.Rehman and both have proved to be the extraordinary brand ambassadors of a new variety of music .
     These three singers have injected in each one's way,a rejuvenating and exalting sensuous ecstasy by their independent and mind blowing contribution to Tamil film music.They have infused new trends in their vocal representation of the dignity and supremacy of music, over other parameters of our routine.They deserve a special acknowledgement, as distinguished providers of empowering, as well as, enslaving music.

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