Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Vibrant Voice of V.S.Raghavan.



          V.S.Raghavan,one of the oldest actors,not just by age but by the age old standards and norms of Tamil Cinema, is no more today. He was a spontaneous actor, known for his high sounding voice, carrying its singular modulation,style,felicity and intonation, capable of reaching the audience with its intended effect.The volume of his voice was similar to that of V.K.Ramasamy and  Major Sundarajan, but the delivery mode was uniquely Raghavan's. He was both traditional and modern in outlook and demeanor.As a character actor, he made indelible impressions in quite a number of movies and some of the roles he played carried negative undercurrents, say, as an arrogant or irresponsible elder {Iru Kodugal,Kaaviya Thalavi and Punnagai}At times, he would also be seen as a member of the underworld gang of dons.As a high level police officer and as an aristocratic father, he was always a perfect bet.
        V.S.Ragavan would have acted almost with all heroes of different generations.During his film career spread over a period of about six decades,he would have cetainly filled the generation gaps by suitably sharing screen space from MGR,Sivaji and Gemini to the youngest actors of today in films like Saguni,Kalakalappu,Idharkuthaan Aasai Pattaayaa Balakumara and Ou Kanniyum Moonru Kalavaanigalum.Starting his film career as a director,{Chandrika}, he began to act in movies like Vairamaalai,Bommai and so on.The other popular film he directed was Samaya Sanjeevi staring T.R.Ramachandran and M.N.Nambiyaar..
      Some of the most popular films of V.S.R are, Kaathirundha Kangal, Karnan, Urimaikural, Kaadhalikka Neamillai.Nenjil Oer Aalayam,Iru Kodugal,Panamaa Paasamaa, Punnagai, Savaale Samaali, and Poovellaam Un Vaasam.V.S.Raghavan has acted both with Rajinikanth {Aaiyiram Jenmangal and Thambikku Endha Ooru}and Kamalahasan{Kalayana Raman, Naanum Oru Thozhilaali and Unnaal Mudiyum Thambi}.Like Major Sundarajan, Raghavan's close team mate and best friend was the most talented comedian Nagesh.
      Directors like Sridhar,K.S.Gopalakrishnan and K.Balachander considered Raghavan as a valuable  addition to their films and offered him significant roles which he performed in his inimitable style.One could perceive in his role performance, acting shades of other veteran actors like V.Nagaiah,V.K.Ramasamy and Major Sundarajan.This might be due to the fact that all these great actors moved to the screen from the stage and therefore there was always a meticulously programmed acting pattern in their performance, as actors in plays and films and each one brought into light, their own independent and spontaneous calibre that gave them each, an identity of their own. Raghavan's style of acting could easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the roles allotted to him and his capacity for emoting and delivering his roles with contextual and dramatic efficacy, reflected his tremendous potential, which remained intact, till the last moment of his acting.Both Tamil stage and screen owe a great deal, to this amazing actor of all generations.Perhaps, the incomparable K.Balachander who passed away recently, wanted his soul sustaining companion to stay by his side sooner than later.Here is another vacuum, created by the death of an actor, almost as old as Tamil Cinema, who vibrantly excelled in acting with intelligence,aesthetics and emotion..

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