Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Film Maker of Crime,Justice and Punishment.


     To be consistently focused on a particular theme and genre is the mindset of some film makers. This is how A.Bhimsingh specialized on family drama and K.S Gopalakrishnan and Barathraja chose to set their films on the rural stage.In a similar way,director S.A.Chandrasekar loved to portray a huge galaxy of crime and punishment,in different forms,both within and outside the legal parameters. Starting from his very first film Sattam Oru Iruttarai,he has been concentrating on this most vital aspect of human life with storyline and action fitting the ambiance of criminality and justice in a variety of style in exposition.
   In exhibiting the world of crime and justice Vijayakanth became his right hand hero, fighting crimes with fire, sheen and gusto.Vijayakanth was not just the hero of his first film but nearly twenty of his films.Apart from Sattam Oru Iruttarai. some of their significant joint journeys on the road to justice were Sivappu Malargal,Sattam Oru Vilaiyaattu,Jaadhikoru Needhi, Needhiyin  Marupakkam, Enakku Naane Needhipathi, Needhikku Thandanai,Rajanadai,Rajadurai, Saatchi and Vetri,the last one produced by P.S.Veerappa,the last century's pride of villainy in Tamil Cinema.
   Even their other two popular films Sendhoora Paandi and Periyanna. were not free from their struggle for goodness and justice though these two films carried the romantic element of young heroes like Vijay [son of this director] in the former and Soorya in the latter.One could say that it was S.A.Chandrasekar who shaped the early film career of Vijayakanth.The other fact is like P.Neelakandan who directed a large number of MGR films,it is S.A.Chandrasekar who has directed Vijayakanth's role performance in a maximum number of movies.It should also be mentioned here that for the film Needhikku Thandanai, it was the DMK leader Dr.M.Karunanidhi who wrote the story.
    S.A.Chandrasekar's film journey with his son Vijay, consisted of romance,crime and punishment.  'Once More' was perhaps the only film, from the father and son combination, which was an exclusive tale of freak romance and had the pride of enrolling Sivaji Ganesan and  B.Sarojadevi, in meaty roles, pleasantly recalling their romantic experiences of the Ninteen Sixties' famous film Iruvar Ullam, directed by the most renowned film maker L.V.Prasad.
   All the other films of Vijay such as Nalaya Theerpu, his debut film as hero,and others like Vishnu, Deva,Rasigan,Maanbumigu Maanavan,Nenjinile and Aadhi showed the hero fighting injustice besides doing romance.But unfortunately,excepting Thamizhan, for which S.A.Chandrasekar wrote the screen play,almost all the films of Vijay directed by his father, did not do well at the box office. No doubt films like Aadhi,Nenjinile and Vishnu were all fast in narration and were not of the boring category.But it is a bitter truth that Vijay who takes the credit for giving the maximum hits among the younger heroes,could not play the hat trick in the case of his father.
   The most talked about film of S.A.Chandrasekar was the Superstar's blockbuster, Naan Sigappu Manidhan.It was a consummate narration of crime and justice neatly presenting the gruesome plight of a college professor who had to take law in his hands, to punish a most crooked and brutal anti social gang.The fascinating addition of Bagyaraj in the role of a private detective{ as CID Singaram}  was an added telling point, for the entertainment component of the film.The grandeur of the movie and its title were so deeply imprinted in the minds of the audience and the film makers that the same title was recently used for a Vishal movie, to treat an altogether different story line. S.A.Chandra Sekar's film had Sathyaraj playing the villain and Ambika as the pair of Rajinikanth.Released in the mid Nineteen Eighties, the film not only drew huge audience to the theatres, but also received very positive reviews.
     Like 'Once More' there were a couple of pure romances from the creative kitty of this director. They were Vasantharagam{another Vijayakanth film}and Nenjirukkumvarai.Pandhayam was also a love story but it was action packed. Some of his latest popular releases were Sattapadi Kutram and Touring Talkies.S.A.Chandrasekar has directed about eighty films of which I have included all the important films here.Besides being a reputed director, S.A.Chandrasekar is the proud father of a very talented mass hero, who has made victory as his trade mark, besides his name itself symbolizing victory.But the point here is that S.A.Chandrasekar has constantly made his thrust on a society, free from crime and illegality. In this respect, he could be fairly called the most prominent director of films, based on the core of crime and punishment.

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