Sunday, February 5, 2017

Team Mates on Transmigration.

       The film Thani Oruvan brought together Jeyam Ravi and Arvindsamy for a unique show on a highly refreshing story line and narration.It was a police story vibrantly told with the stylish performance of Arvindsamy and Jeyam Ravi that took the audience on unexpected tracks with a lot of twists and turns in presentation.These two heroes have teamed up again for the film Bogan,which is again a police story with Ravi doing the role of the cop and Arvindsamy the other hero with a bunch of negative shades. .
    The difference with Bogan is that it begins with the introduction of the anti hero and then passes on to the exhibition of the other hero through a song sequence.Unlike Thani Oruvan which had the chief characters placed on a stable pedestal,here the two heroes stand on a fragile and flimsy base with a sudden shirk in their character display caused by the negative hero's capacity to indulge in transmigration.This leads us to the predicament of not being able to view each hero with their respective character base.This is because,after the transmigration, the positive hero's body takes negative shades and vice versa.One can very well imagine the scope for disaster if the bad spirit gets into the body of the good police officer and the undue suffering that the good spirit of the police officer undergoes, once it is transmigrated into the body of the evil man.
      For some of the  audience, who are used to direct narration of events and characters, this kind of subtlety in narration is likely to cause confusion.But the best part of the film is the shift in character display by the two heroes, in their respective roles of normalcy and transition.It is astutely shown how each one gets into the other's role play and delivers the role, tightly sticking to the base of the character.It is one of the best performances of Jeyam Ravi .For Arvindsamy it appears to be a cakewalk.He is both the hero of the film Roja and the villain of the film Thani Oruvan.
      On  the positive side, it should be mentioned that the director and his team of cinematographer, editor and music composer have all done a very neat job. Hansika's performance is both robust and graceful.The absence of comedy, has not affected the pace of narration of the film, because it belongs to a serious thriller-cum action genre movie.Though in terms of narration, Thani Pruvan certainly reigned high, Bogan cannot be underrated on account of the brilliant character delivery of Ravi and Arvindamy who have simultaneously undergone the ordeal of performing two characters in one role.
D.Iman's music hardly disappoints the viewers these days.But Anirudh's Aalumaa Dolumaa carried greater amount of energy than "Damaalu Dumaalu".Nassar, Naren and Ponvannan have all been quite compact in their roles.I believe Prabu Deva and Lakshman have not disappointed their audience and I am sure Ravi and Samy can team up again, for another course of transmigration as hinted at the end of the film.             

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