Monday, October 30, 2017

A Rich 'Mersel' Made Richer by Resistance.

     it is nearly two weeks since the film Mersel was released. There were many reviews, oppositions and rejoinders making the film reach more audience, than its stakeholders could expect.I happened to watch it in a theatre abroad only today.While reviews are the natural outcome of any movie, objections and rejoinders have also become  fashions of the day.The film as on today, has become a top slot product, yielding very high dividends.The film is an action bonanza,with Atlee's inheritance of the Shankar touch,Vijay's brilliant role play and exceptional visual splendor and singular speed in narration.
   I wonder what made the critics raise a hue and cry about the hero's reference to building a hospital,instead of a temple, so long the decision is born of frustrations,caused by failures of the health care system and not of the hero's preference for any specific religious group.The unfounded resistance of a section of the political groups,certainly failed on account of absence of logic.The film's reference to cashless economy and G.S.T anomalies,are also a part of the existing social and economic realities.After all, how many film makers succeed in making a lengthy film enjoyable in spite of its length.No doubt Atlee and Vijay have done it to an amazing extent.
  But there are three things that personally put me into a questioning mood.1}Why should Rehman fail to come out with his positive dynamism and professional exuberance, if it is not either a Shankar film or a Manirathnam film.This is the second time this great music composer has made a Vijay film, with less endearing numbers.In Azhagiya Thamizh Magan excepting 'Madhuraikku Pogaadhadi',no other song was worth remembering.In Mersel apart from the sound track portion,the songs seem to be meant for the theatres only and not takeaways after the show.2} Can the brothers who carry an age difference of at least four years, look like twins? A little bit of make up sense would have made a lot of difference.3}The hero who is referred to as an eminent surgeon,mentions in one scene that he is an M.B.B.S MD when he is asked by one of the doctors in his hit list, if he is a Sidha doctor.Perhaps these negatives get dissolved in the pageantry parade of Atlee and Vijay.
   The film's success owes a lot to the dual, high voltage energy of the Atlee /Vijay combination.When I left the theater the impact of the climax scene made it difficult for me, to extricate myself from a nostalgic recall of the climax scenes of MGR's Enga Veettu Pillai and Kudiyirundha Koil that I watched  almost five decades ago.There was also a feeling in me, that Thuppaaki of A.R.Murugadoss still remains as an unsurpassed
Vijay film.