Friday, May 3, 2019

D Imman's melody parade (Revised)


    Immanuel Vasanth Dinakaran,popularly known as D.Imman is one of the leading young musical voices of Tamil cinema.He began his musical career as a teen age music director with Vijay's fairly received film Thamizhan,released in 2002.Whenever I listen to his melodious numbers, my nostalgic nerves take me to the days of another melodious music director V.Kumar,who spread his amazing wings of rhythms under the patronage of Tamil cinema's proud filmmakers like K.Balachander and Muktha V.Srinivasan.V.Kumar had in fact composed music for maximum number of Balachander's films starting from the latter's first film Neerkumizhi.
    Some of the scintillating melodies of late V.Kumar were Aadi Adangum Vaazkaiyada {Neerkumizhi}Oru Naal Yaaro{Major Chandrakanth} Maalaiyil Sandhithein{Edhir Neechal} Naan Unnai Vaazhthi Paadukirein {Nootrukku Nooru} Punnakai Mannan Poovizhi Kannan {Iru Kodukal}Kaadhoduthaan Naan Pesuven{Velli Vizha} all Balachander films and songs like Nalla Naal Paarkavo{Bommalaattam} Vilakke Nee Thandha Olinaane {Niraikudam} and Thillaiyile Sabaabadhi {Aayiram Poi}all the three films in brackets made by Muktha V.Srinivasan.The other most fascinating melody of V.Kumar was the song Engellaam Valaiyosai Ketkinradho in the governing voice of TMS for the film Vegulipenn.Incidentally it should be mentioned here,that it is D.Imman who lent his musical quotient for the films Naan Avan Illai{2} and Ninaivil Ninraval which were also the titles of films once made by K.Balachander and Muktha V. Srinivasan respectively.
   The comparison between the new generation music composer D.Imman and the last century's V.Kumar arose in my mind on account of the ecstatic spirit of soothing layers pervading through the pattern of composition,empowering the creative imagination of both of them to travel on a similar track.Take for instance a song like "Ayyayyo Aanandhame" from the film Kumki {for which film D.Imman won the national award for best musical composition} that took us on an exalted plane of seamless blending of joy and the pang of suffering, reflecting an exotic romantic experience.
    How passionately D.Imman brought home the essence of bliss,through the melody of a distinct tune,effectively embracing the rich vocal grandeur of Hari Charan.No doubt Prabu Solomon found his compatible wave length with D.Imman as K.Balachander did with V.Kumar and inducted him for his other two films Kayal and Myna.It was this spirit of compatibility that resulted in songs like Paravaiyaa Porakkanum {Hari Charan} and Unna Ippa Paakkanum [Hari Charan with Vandana Srinivasan} from the film Kayal and the song 'Neeyum Naanum' from Myna,sung by Benny Dayal and Shreya Goshal!
    Some of the lasting songs from this musician's magic wand are Azhagiya Asura in Anitha Chandrasekar's vanquishing voice {Whistle} Madhura Jillaa { by Karthik &Kalpana for Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam}Oodhaa Kalaru Ribbon sung by Vijay Super singer fame Hariharasudan{Varuthapadaadha Vaalibar Sangam}Verasaa Poravale {Jilla} and Sengadhire Sengadhire {Kadaikutti Singam},both sung by Imman himself,Unmela oru Kannu {Rajini Murugan}sung by Jithin Raj and Mahalakshmi Ayer,Usure Usure Naandhaane {Karuppan} by Ananya Bhat,Ammaadi un Azhagu Vegudhoolu {Vellaikaaradhurai}sung by Vijay supersinger fame Sathyaprakash,Pidikudhe {Sigaram Thodu}from the voices of Jithin Raj and Shreya Goshal and Kandaangi Kandaangi sung by Ilaya Thalabadhi Vijay with Shreya Goshal,for Jilla.The latest most mesmerizing songs from D.Imman have been Vaaney Vaaney{Hariharan& Shrey Goshal} and Kannaana Kanne in the captivating voice of Sid Sriram for the recent Ajith blockbuster Viswasam.
   Who can forget the songs of the Super Star's 'Annaathe'most vibrantly composed by this mesmerizing melody king! Saara saara kaatre, Ennuyire Ennuyire,the introduction song Annaathe Annathe,Marudhaani and Vaa saamy are all fabulous numbers that would last in audience memory as their heart throbs.With a galaxy of a topnotch singer like late SPB and enchanting voices of Sid Sriram,Shreya Goshal, Nakash Aziz,Anthony Daasan,Vandana Srinivasan,Mukesh Mohamed,Nochipatti Thiru moorthy and Keezhakarai Samzudeen( Imman's new find) it was a stupendous celebration of music in Annathe.The interlude background score was also too good to be forgotten.
    D.Imman has also tuned some numbers that would make the audience stand up and dance. Some of the songs in this category are the buoyant song Dubuku Dubuku delivered by Imman and Anuradha Sriram for the film Giri, Silukku Marame Silukku Marame {Vishal's Paayum Puli}Jingunamani Jingunamani sung by Ranjith with Sunidhi Chauhan and Yeppa Mama Treatu rendered by Vijay Super singer fame,Pooja Vaidyanath, with D.Imman and Snigdha Chandra {both from Jilla}.
   I would have left out some of the other widely received songs of this ever growing vibrant music director representing the aesthetic aspirations of the new generation.It is a known fact that today competition is very high in most fields of creative performance.Human talent seems to be expanding in astounding proportions,thanks to the exposure to new technology waves and winnable goals.The more the openings,the greater and stronger the competition.We have a long list of energetic and competent performers in the music field inseparably welded to the big and small screens.
     Impressive show of music composers like Vijay Antony,Anirudh Ravichander and G.V.Prakash keeps the music lovers among the youth vigorously engrossed in different genres of music,In the midst of the competitive march of these growing guys,Imman calmly carries on his musical parade with an unrelenting passion for melodies.This distinct feature becomes the special asset of D. Imman who positively satiates the film lovers' incessant quest for qualitative  music,by his soothing submission of tunes that hardly fails to reach our ears and reboot our lost emotions.


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