Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fantasy Tiger, Fails to Pounce.

    Gorgeous settings,magnificent locales,exquisite presentation of the hero and his charming girl,impressive underplay of villainy by Sudeep,fascinatingly horrid reappearance of Sridevi on Tamil screen after a long spell,convincing graphics,gripping stunt scenes and credible Hollywood style of scenic display,are certainly the most positive features of Actor Vijay's latest film Puli.A couple of throbbing dancing numbers make Devi Prasad's musical score something special.Father Vijay roars and pounces more ferociously than son Vijay. But beyond these the film seems to lack tempo and ceases to entertain with consistency.It really made me long for the film 'Vedhala Ulagam' released by the AVM banner in 1948,starring actor singer T.R.Mahalingam.
  'Puli' altogether seems to be a medley of quite a few Hollywood films including the Academy Award winner Brave Heart and the Harry Potter series.Being stuffed with horror elements in narration it can not be a worthy watch for kids.Being neither a complete supernatural fiction nor a totally out -of -reality narration, it does not seem to reach adults, in its intended form.May be teenagers who are neither free from childhood fantasies,nor  have realized adulthood facts, will enjoy this sandwich.
   As an ardent lover of actor Vijay's films, I was happy when he became careful in choosing his roles and story lines, after a series of failures like Kuruvi,Villu and Sura.That he was able to repeat his hat trick of victory through movies like Kavalan,Velayudham,Thuppakki and Kathi,boosted his capacity for giving only hits.In fact, the tiger in Vettaikaran roared and pounced much more powerfully than this Puli.
   After seeing this film, two points were nagging my mind.Firstly,why should Vijay think of playing such a role, which does not fit him in an acceptable profile?Secondly why should director Chimbu Deven resort to such an alien kind of theme and story line, which obviously lacks relevance, compactness and vigour in its over all impact.Like the character of Vijayakumar which has been wasted without any dialogue delivery,befitting the veteran's capacity for grandeur,huge funds seem to have been wasted in a futile exercise in building this exhaustive world of fantasy. Chimbudeven's portrayal and presentation of Torture King Pulikesi XXlll, was far more enchanting and entertaining than this disappointing 'extravaganza'.

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