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Two Vijay Super Singer Judges, as Playback Singers.

    Vijay Super Singer competitions for seniors and juniors have been making remarkable records in many  aspects.One of its most interesting features is the composition of its judges.The usual bench consists of popular playback singers like Mano,Srinivas,Unnikrishnan,K.SChitra and Sujatha Mphan besides the periodical addition of Usha Didi and T.L.Maharajan. This blog already carries an article on Mano in comparison with S.P.Balasubramanyam.The objective of the present article is to discuss the singing style and impact of Srinivas and Unnikrishnan,leaving the other four, for independent  or comparative inclusion in later articles, under different headings.
    These two singers have been brought under a comparative discussion because both Srinivas and Unnikrishnan made their entry into Tamil Cinema with the A.R.Rehaman label and both made their first shots distinctly memorable.The songs that made them special were ''Manamadhura Maamarathu' from Minsaara Kanavu and ''Ennavale'' from Kaadhalan the former sung by Srinivas and the latter by Unnikrishnan.
    Interestingly,Unnikrihnan who is about six years younger than Srinivas  made his entry first and he also joined Srinivas. for his first song in Minsaarakanavu. Unnikrishnan's voice is as modest as he is,without claiming to be too big on any count,but at the same time making a powerful and indelible impression on the listener.It is a clear, soothing, digging and forceful voice capable of venting a galaxy of emotions at one go.Be it 'Ennavale' or the succeeding songs like 'Uyirum Neeye Uravum Neeye' {Pavithra}'Narumugaiye'{Iruvar}'Meenamma' {Aasai} 'Inninisaipaadivarum'{Thulaadha Manamum Thyullum}'Thenmerku Paruva Kaatru' {Movie with the same title }and'Manam Virumbudhe Unnai'{Nerukku Ner} 'Roja Poondhottam'{Kannukkul Nilavu}they were all felicitously, enchanting, emotional and romantic melodies.
    Whereas,'Kaalamellaam Kaadhal Vaazhga'{Kadhal Kottai}'Roja Roja' {Kadhalar Dhinam}and 'Maargazhi Thingal Allava' {Sangamam}were profound emotional outbursts. There were also great energizing numbers like 'Sonia Sonia' {Ratchagan}'Selayile Veedu Kattavaa' {Aval Varuvaalaa } 'Haire Haire Hairabba'{Jeans}'Mayilu Mayily Mayilamma'{VIP}'Nilavai Konduva' [Vaali} 'Ivan Yaaro'{Minnale}and 'Vennilaa' [Kushi}.In rendering all his songs,Unni krishnan proved his depth and exuberance in pouring forth contextually valid emotions, with a rare kind of style and depth in presentation.There were many more mesmerizing songs of Unnikrishnan, under the music composition of eminent composers like A.R.Rehaman, Ilayaraja,Deva,S.A.Rajkumar and Harris Jeyaraj.
    Unlike Unnikrishnan,Srinivas was not fortunate in lending his scintillating voice, for many block busters.Most of his songs were  for average, or, to-be forgotten films.But there were great hit songs like'Yenge Enadhu Kavidhai'{Kandukondein Kandukondein} Maha Ganapadhi {Amarkalam} Kaalai Arumbi{Kanaa Kandein}'Minsaara Kanna'{Padayappa}and'Apple Penne Needhaano{Roja Koottam} Snehidhane {Alai Payudhe} 'Mouname {Mozhi}' Yarumilaa'{Kaavia Thalaivan}'that carried verry significant waves with music lovers.The song 'En Uyire' from the film Uyire could pierce the soul with an incomparable sense of anguish and agony. Songs like 'Aalangatti mazhai{Tenaly}'En Mannava' {Linga}'Nenjam Enum oorinile' {Aaru}' 'Enrenrum Punnagai'{Alai Paudhe}are some of the most vibrating numbers of this penetrating singer.
    Srinivas has a  travelling voice, similar to that of Hariharan and he is strikingly capable of juggling with his own voice.He is a self exploring singer, with an outstanding musical research attitude, with regard to the conception and delivery of tunes and the effective role play of the human voice,in harmony with the instruments.However in my opinion, the opportunities that came in the way of Unnikrishnan, were more fascinating and dynamic, in delivering quality music and he made the best use of them.On the other hand, despite his tremendous voice potential and singing ability, similar opportunities did not come in the way of Srinivas and there lies the gap between the two,as far as popularity and larger acceptance of  their film songs are concerned.
    Both Unni and Srinivas have an immensely power packed voice.Both have the positive base of their expertise in carnatic/classical music.No one can say 'no' to their songs, because they have all the captivating ingredients involved in the rendition of songs, by their endearing voices.As judges at the Vijay Super Singer programmes,it is Srinivas who always steals the show.But as a singer it is Unni who has stolen the imagination of the audience, by giving more memorable songs for a large number of very popular films.As a commoner,I am always for the songs of both these fabulous voices.It is left to a voice expert like Mr.Anand Vaidyanathan to say, whose voice characteristics can be explored again and again, for the presentation of mind blowing musical magic, of varied kinds.

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