Sunday, February 14, 2016

An Exclusive Male Show.

           First of all  actor Siddharth deserves a pat for taking a film without a heroine.The film directed by Deeraj Vaidy is more a road comedy dipped in black mode in an adventure ambiance.It has three friends Jil Jung and Juk, matching three villains viz Deivanayagam {Amarendran}Rolex Rawther {Radha Ravi}and Attack Albert {Sai Dheena}.Nasser makes a brief appearance as Jil's dad and stays stuck in our minds as the  vibrantly deceptive gambling father, grooming his son for all foul games with his inimitable style of acting.The widely expected ''Shoot the Kuruvi'' song comes only at the close of the film, leaving the audience to choose to watch it or leave the theatre.There  is no story as such.It seems to be a mix up of Michael Madanakamarajan and Jiggirdhanda.There are crude villains there are a couple of scenes showing murders too.Siddharth most often bears a morose look with his beard adding up to his moroseness.The comedy element if there is seriously any, dies at the theatre not to be taken to the mortuary for a post mortem.A few double meaning dialogues are also there.On the whole the film is not boring though nothing is there to call back to the memory lane.There is a dryness prevailing through out the film.Is it due to the amateurish kind of narration or the confusion of the director to fix it in one genre of narration say, a full length road comedy or a black comedy or a farcical demonstration ?Or perhaps the absence of a heroine has cost it its deserving appeal?       

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