Friday, February 3, 2023

Homage to K.Viswanath.

  Kasinadhuni(mentioned as Kalatapasvi in the Hindu today)Viswanath popularly known as K.Viswanath was a film maker of poise and dignity. Starting his film making career in 1965, he has made about fifty Telugu&Hindi films, winning a galaxy of awards including seven National awards.His aesthetic component of film making always remained on the lofty line of perfection and extraordinary elegance,in thematic content,substantial story line and sublimity in narration.

  In addition to that,his focused choice of actors to perform roles on his expected track,made his films artistically wholesome and creatively commanding. Though he has passed away only in his ripe Nineties,the fact remains that his passing away is a paramount loss for Indian cinema in general and Telugu film industry in particular.

  K.Viswanath is not an unknown figure for the Tamil film audience.Three of his films dubbed into Tamil,were major hits and they imprinted his cinematic excellence on the minds of film viewers in Tamil Nadu. Firstly,his film 'Sangarabharanam'saw crowded theaters,catching the frenzy and imagination of the audience.Thanks to the musical exuberance,displayed by the late stalwart playback singer-cum actor S.P.Balasubramanyam,the songs of the film continue to reverberate in our memories.The subdued roleplay of  Somayajalu and Manju Bharghavi is still closer to the hearts of the Tamils.Both the Telugu and Tamil versions of the film,had the same title.

  A few years later his film 'Sagara Sangamam'was dubbed into Tamil as 'Salangai Oli'.With the remarkable dancing potential of Kamalahasan,the film created a stronger base for his inimitable acting credentials,with the impressive role performance of Jayapradha and S.P.Shylaja.The other successful film of K.Viswanath dubbed into Tamil was, 'Swathi Muthyam'that came as'Sippikkul Muthu'.Most of the films of K.Viswanath, presented the familial and social problems faced by artists,especially the emotional pangs of women in the hands of insensitive men.However,the striking note of most of his story lines was the radiant presence of a positive character that would assuage the tragic impact,either as a form of art,or as an ardent character.Such a character would be a man as in'Salangai Oli', brilliantly portrayed by Kamalahasan or a woman,as in'Sippikkul Muthu',radiantly performed by Radhika.

  Besides these dubbed films of K.Viswa nath,Tamil audience would have been familiar with him as an actor, performing the role of a disciplined and venerable elder in films like'Kaakai Sirakinile'(a film of R.Parhiban),'Mugavari'&'SingamII'        (Suriya films), 'Bhagavadhi' and 'Puthiya Geethai',(Vijay films)'Kuruthi Punal' &'Uthama Villain' (Kamalahasan)'Linga' (Rajinikanth) 'Yaaradi Nee Mohini'(A Danush film)and 'Rajapapaattai'.(with Vikram as hero).Among these films, K.Viswanath appeared as Chief Minister in 'Bhagavadhi' and 'Singam II',as a Swamiji in Puthiya Geethai and as a conservative elder in Yaaradi Nee Mohini.

  It should be mentioned here that besides acting in these films,he was an assistant director for the Tamil film 'Paadhala Bhairavi' and an audiographer for'Enga Veettu Mahakakshmi'.He had a special perception of Kamalahasan's creative caliber.His association with Tamil Cinema will call for valued churning of several significant ingredients of the film making process. K.Viswanath is one among the tallest film celebrities and his loss deserves a ceremonious tribute,born of inherent love for the art of making films.A great salute to this noble soul of art and creativity.



  1. Yes. Really K.Viswanath was a talented and great Director.

  2. He gave wonderful performance in Kuruthi punal and yaradi nee mohini ...

    1. A silent performer clinching his yardsticks,with love for creativity and commitment.

  3. Informative read on K.
    Viswanath. Good to know about such a great personality. Thankyou