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A director-cum actor and a Kamal favourite

    Born of yester year's notable actor M.R.Santhanam and brother of  actor R.S,Shivaji [who is no more],R.S.Santhana bharathi is one of the most remarkable faces of Tamil Cinema. Starting his film career as an Assistant director of C.V.Sridhar,Santhana bharathi directed a couple of movies like Panneer Pushpangal and Mella Pesungal along with P.Vasu as the director duo Bharathi Vasu. Both the films were breezy in narration and were received as clean movies.

  Later Santhanabharadhi became the awardee for directing Kamal's films Guna and Mahanadhi.While Guna got a third place for best direction from the state of Tamil Nadu,Mahanadhi won the National award for the best feature film. From then on, Santhanabharathi's association with Kamalahasan was firmly rooted. His role in Michael Madhana Kamarajan, became a vigorous drive with Kamal on the comedy track, creating stomach curdling moments of laughter.

  Santhana Bharathi was seen with Kamal in a number of films like,Anbe Sivam, Dasa vadhaaram,Unnaipol Oruvan, Thoonga vanam,Nammavar,Magalir Mattum, Vasool Raja M.B.B.S,Panjathandhiram and Kamal's latest blockbuster Vikram.

  His other list of films would include Villain,Vanavil,Dhost Winner,Varalaaru , Friends,Aasaiyil Oer Kadidham, Marudha malai, Kargaatak kaaran,Thamizh Selvan, Poojai,Kalakalappu, Padikkadhavan of Danush,Aambala LKG and so on.

 Santhana Bharathi has donned a variety of roles such as a politician,a secret agent,a church father,a thug and a judge. His huge physique with his bald head, takes him conveniently to his roles with his ever coarse and gruff voice pattern, that hardly fails to draw the attention of the audience. He is a natural actor playing on the screen, as if he directly comes on a live show. This is his most positive side, in role play.

   As his thespian lineage is drawn from his father M.R.Santhanam who played memorable roles in Sivaji Ganesan films like Annaiyin Anai,Veera Pandia Katta bomman,Pasamalar,Kappalottiya Thamizhan and many more films, Santhana Bharathi's acting credentials are well designed and vibrantly delivered both on the big and small screens.His contribution to T.V serials like Lakshmi, Ponnoonjal and Iniya,speaks of his significant flair for playing character roles, with a profound perception and grasp of the roles assigned to him.

  While as an actor he is quite familiar with a major section of the audience, he will be ever remembered for his awesome directorial touches on Mahanadhi that would ever remain as one of the foremost films of Kamalahasan.With the inherent tone of an agonized individual,who fell a victim to a vulpine, untrustworthy and betraying society Kamalahasan's role as a hapless father, drew the sympathy of one and all.

  This cathartic element made Santhana bharathi as the master craftsman,delving deep into life's inscrutable ills and hidden risks. For this blog writer,Mahanadhi is always a heart-rending film of Kamala hasan and the film's absolute value will be owned not just by Kamal alone, but also by this amazing film maker-cum actor Santhana Bharathi.


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