Sunday, February 6, 2022

Homage to the Immortal Queen of Music


  John Keats in his poem 'Ode to a Nightingale'admires the nightingale for'singing about summer,in full- throated ease'.Hindi cinema can be eternally proud of its immortal singer,whose 'indescribable gusto in voice' and 'fascinating felicity of expression' surpassed the barriers of language and won over the hearts of one and all'in full throated ease'.

  So soothing and sharp,so clear and charismatic,and so mellifluous and mind blowing Lata Mangeshkar's voice was,that her songs travelled through the air,ruling towns and villages alike.mesmerising human ears and bonding emotions,through the immacculate power of music.

  It looked as though Lata Mangeshkar was born to sing and secure human emotions by the charm of music as the beaming bliss of life.From keerthanas to bhajans,from solo songs to duets,her scintillating and invincible voice mould,made leaps and bounds and created a legendary impact.As far as music is concerned,language is immaterial.In the midst of the huge galaxy of her film songs,each one can pick up a song  as a star from the constellation.

  One's choice may be her film song from any language film,or her heart throbbing version of Vande Mataram song transmitting the essence of patriotism,or her Tamil film songs like 'Valaiyosai'{sung with SPB for the Kamalahasan film Sathya} or Aaararo Aaaraaro{ Anand}and Engirundho Azhaikkum {En Jeevan Paaduthu} will be the favourite ones for those,loving to listen to her unique and inimitable rendition of songs.

  As far as her Hindi film songs are concerned,whatever she sang,will survive the test of time and linger as a lasting piece of music.Musical variety,voice sweetness and grasp of grandeur were her unquestionable assets,taking the quality of Hindustani music to its enviable heights and enchanting everyone,with an insatiable quest for her songs.

  Lata Mangeshkar might have left us with a deep pain hitting us,over the loss of her persona. But it is her very same persona that is often going to knock at the doors of our memory house,with her songs visiting us,as and when we want her voice to peep into our thoughts.Blessed she was,to keep a huge audience of music lovers enthralled.Blessed her soul is to pass perpetually,as down pours of music,flowing through our nostalgic veins.In fond memories of this immortal queen of music,




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