Saturday, March 12, 2022

An Express on a double track

   Pandiraj is a beaming film maker of rural family dramas.Etharkum Thuninthavan is another exceptional feather to his credible show of family events.As the film is both a felicitous family drama and a fiesty action thriller,drawing a dividing line is really difficult.However,Rathnavelu and Ruben are closely well knitted to each other, in their over all job of a seamless mixing of the positive glory of the families of  Sathyaraj and Ilavarasu and the devil-may-care ferocious fight of Suriya against the sex mafia group. Ratnavelu's cinematography and Ruben's neat editing complement each other.

  The film has exceedingly joyous family sequences beautifully deliberated by Sathyaraj and family with their unified gusto in reflecting their family routine.The family spirit is also energetically exuded by the belligerent Devadarshani,the naive Soori and the bushy-hair Pugazh by outwitting and befooling the innocent Ilvarasu.

  Films like Thambi,Kadaikkutti Singam and ET have made Sathyaraj a dignified father with all endearing qualities.Priyanka Arul Mohan who was paired with Siva Karthikeyan in Doctor,guarantees stuff as the fascinating feminine face of Tamil cinema.The exquisite romantic touches between Suriya and Priyanka,sufficiently enrich the aesthetic component of the film.

  D.Imman has become a front line music composer after his successful show in Annaathe.Though 'Vaadaa Thambi' and 'Summa Surrunnu' are enchanting numbers that would make the youth stand up and dance,the twisted lyrics of the former appeared to create an unmatching sync between the song and the tune.'Ullam Urukuthayya' was pleasing and the charming choreography shots,made the song sequence really enjoyable.The background score of music appeared to be instrumentally overloaded.

  What makes the film difficult to move on,is its crime and punishment element..Unlike Nerkonda Paarvai which dealt with a similar theme,ET's depiction of the atrocities of the Sex mafia, becomes excessively sentimental.Especially, the climax was almost melodramatic.A legal route,with  counter criminal cut roads linked to unexpected twists in narration, could have provided a trendy track for a more logical culmination of events.This is perhaps due to the fact that Pandiraj is naturally comfortable with rural family dramas and the most impressive climax of Kaidaikkutti Singam stood testimony to this fact.

  However,setting aside the climax meant for better options,Suriya has come out with one of his best performances by beautifully blending feather touch romance with fiery action and justified the high voltage emotional package in action,necessitated by the repulsive nature of sexual crimes against women,echoing the actual events that struck Tamil Nadu a couple of years ago.

  Vinay's transformation from a hero to Villain is complete and Etharkum Thuninthavan  certainly deserves a theatre watch for its dynamic double-track journey.


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