Sunday, March 20, 2022

Emotionally Beautiful


   Family sentiments and emotions have every possibility to exceed the line of control and turn melodramatic.To make a film on family emotions encircling the sibling boundaries without crossing the limit in depicting those emotions,is a delicate task that needs subtle intelligence.Madhu Warrier has displayed a lot of refined sensibility,in making his debut directorial film Lalitham Sundaram produced by his younger sister and actor Manju Warrier.It is a film that has succeeded in simplifying the intricate layers of family bonding,to the extent of making it a beautiful experience in watching a family drama of indescribable love and affinity,genetically imbibed.

 A contextual minunderstanding between brothers,ruffles the endearing affection between them.A mutually prolonged failure to match each other's expectations,spoils the conjugal core of a husband and wife.In both these cases the victim of circumstances is Biju Menon,who gracefully adorns the role assigned to him.As the elder brother wrongly misunderstood by his younger sibling[Anu Mohan}and as the agonised husband,emotionally wronged by his wife{Remya Nambeesan}through her self-decided abortion and denial of happy fatherhood,Biju Menon's plight is too deep to be ignored.

  Manju Warrier as the sister caught in between her two brothers,but blessed with a highly undesrtanding husband {neatly played by Saiju Kurup,as the embodiment of right thinking manhood}plays her role with enchanting vibes of sparkling deliberations in every shot.She is a beautiful business magnate,an understanding wife and a meek mother too. 

  Raghunath Paleri as the widowed father of three children,radiantly reflects both his anguish of emotional deprivation and positive grasp of the plight of his children, especially that of Biju Menon.Sudheep who is mostly known for doing positive roles in Malayalam films for the past three decades and more, is impressive as the lonely guy, closely associated with his friend Biju Menon, portraying his role with natural geniality and longing for unfailing family values.

  Lalitham Sundaram is yet another compact Malayalam family drama,firmly forging viewers' emotions with those of the characters and bringing spontaneous tears in a couple of scenes.Nothing in excess and no shot is overdone.As the title suggests,the film is not only simply beautiful,but is also exsquisitely simple.A two hour film,to last in our memory,for too long a time.Thanks to Disney+Hotstar.     


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