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Two Namesakes with their film prefixes


   Actors adding names of films as prefixes to their names,is quite common in Tamil cinema.Years ago,comedian and character actor V.R.Rajagopal took the name of the film Kuladheivam as prefix to his name though he came into the Tamil big screen even before that.As his performance in that film received a lot of accolades,the title of the film Kuladheivam,was added as his name as a proud prefix.
  Though Sridhar introduced Jeyalalitha as heroine in his film Vennira Aadai,it was the second heroine Nirmala who took the privilege of adding the title of the film to her name and came to be known as Vennira Aadai Nirmala.The film had the credit of making another actor Murthy of the film to be known as Vennira Aadai Murthy. Murthy's flair for comedy and natural acting ability to do character roles,keep him active even in his eighties.There are a few other actors like Pasi Narayanan,Oruviral Krishna Rao, Mahanadhi Shankar and Kodai Mazhai Vidya who carry the names of films as their name prefixes.
    However,among heroes,there are two namesakes bearing the name Ravi,who along with their film title prefixes to their names,are very popular in Tamil Cinema.Of the two,the first Ravi was born as Ravichandran Samanna and was introduced by the mighty film maker Bharathiraja in his film Nizhalkal {1980}{Ravi had ofcourse done an uncredited role in Sathurangam released in 1978}.
    After this,Ravi was identified only with his prefix Nizhalkal and the other two main roles he did were for Balu Mahendra's Marubadiyum as a film maker,caught in between his wife Revathi and his film heroine Rohini,who was obsessed with him and later as the helpless son caught in between a possessive mother {Manorama}and a warring wife {Oorvasi}for V.Sekar's Naan Petha Mahane.
    Nizhalkal Ravi had acted as the son of Sivaji Ganesan{Vaazhkai and Lakshmi Vandaachu}Kamalahasan{Nayakan} and Sathyaraj{Pagal Nilavu}.He was also seen  as the honest cop colleague of Kamalahasan in Soora Samharam,as the academic colleague of Rajinikanth in Naan Sigappu Manidhan and as the gangster friend of Sathyaraj in Makkal En Pakkam.
   Nizhalkal Ravi has happily earmarked his voluminous acting schedule,spread between  cinema and Television.His dynamic masculine voice mould, is his most powerful asset in delivering villain and character roles,after his enrolment as hero,did not give him enough scope to do main hero roles.He has been exceedingly compact in delivering roles such as a corrupt cop,{Singam} a corrupt bureaucrat {Indian& Citizen}and as a villain's hench man {Thirumalai} and as a full fledged villain in many films that include Prabu's Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi and Chinna Vadhiyar,Kamal's Singaravelan and Rajini's Mappillai,Annamalai & Arunachalam.He has a huge list of films to illnstrate the fact,that he is an indispensable actor for Tamil Cinema.
    It is the impressive voice pattern of Nizhalkal Ravi that made him the voice actor for many actors like Rahaman {Puthu Puthu Arthangal}Nana Patekar {Bommalaattam} Amitab Bachan {Tamil version of Thugs of Hindustan &Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy} Jackie Shroff{Bigil} Anand Nag {Tamil version of KGF Chapter I}and Boman Irani {Kaappaan}.Nizhalkal Ravi's contribution to the small screen consists of very popular serials like Rail Sneham,Jannal,Kaasalavu Nesam,Alaigal, Thendral&Sithi 2
   Nizhalkal Ravi's name sake Jeyam Ravi who was born in the year of release of the film Nizhalkal,has retained his single hero status after the grand success of his first Tamil film Jeyam,directed by his elder brother Mohan Raja.Born as Mohan Ravi the enormous success of Jeyam made him Jeyam Ravi and the following great films, M.Kumaran son of Mahalatchumi, Unakkum Enakkum,Santhosh Subramanyam,Thillalangadi and Thani Oruvan,were all directed by his elder brother.
   Jeyam Ravi's other hits include Saran's Idhaya Thirudan,Ezhil's Deepavali, Samuthrakani's Nimirndhu Nill,[Late] Jeeva's Dham Dhoom,{Late} S.P.Jana nadhan's Peranmai, Prabudeva's Engeyum Kadhal,Lakshman's Romeo and Juiet and Bogan,A.L.Vijay's Vanamagan, Ameer's Adhi Bhagavan, Shakthi Soundar's Miruthan &Tik Tik Tik and Karthi Thangavel's Adanga Maru.Jeyam Ravi undoubtedly captivated the audience mood by his dynamic portrayal of characters in films like Santhosh Subramanyan,Thani Oruvan and Adanga Maru.His happy go lucky role was an extraordinary treat in Thillaalangadi.
   Jeyam Ravi is an amazingly tall and charming hero with a well built physique. His consistent vigour in role play has made him compete with other equally talented heroes like Vishal&Arya,to retain his stamp as a stable runner in the race for stardom.Like Vijay and Vishal he too has the film bound family to support him.Being the son of  eminent editor Mohan and being successfully shown as a performing hero in his brother's films,Jeyam Ravi has the added advantage of circumstances favouring his higher hold of the big screen.To me,his films like M.Kumaran S/O Mahalatchumi Santhosh Subramanyam, Idhaya Thirudan,Thillalangadi,Thani Oruvan,Nimirndhu Nill and Adanga Maru are always special films calling for repeated watch.
   The two Ravis belong to two different generations.With a quarter century age difference between them the impact of an ideological shift in film making would have been the inevitable eventuality between them.Interestingly,the former Ravi has acted in the film Jeyam as the father of Gobichand and he has also acted as the father of Jeyam Ravi in the film Dham Dhoom.In other dad characters as the father of Vijay {Kushi}Ajith {Mugavari& Villain}and many other heroes,Nizhalkal Ravi maintains his dignity and grace.
  If Nizhalkal Ravi rules over the minds of his audience by his endearing and gripping power of voice,Jeyam Ravi draws the audience to his side by the clarity and emphatic stress he makes on the core dialogues that certainly need the attention of the audience. The most commendable factor about Jeyam Ravi's acting style is the way he compensates the negligible,lack of commanding masculine vibration,in his innate voice frame.
   Nizhalkal Ravi is an established actor by all means on account of his long standing association with many veteran actors including the Chevalier.For Jeyam Ravi,it is still a long way to go.But the quest to excel is always a by product in him.It is this quest to out do his own performance in every next film,that is going to make him an ever enchanting hero of singular stamp,bent upon exalting the glory of the industry he belongs to.

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