Sunday, June 5, 2022

A Film maker's consistent cry for a drug free society


   Lokesh Kanagaraj who started his film making career with his moderate hit 'Managaram'can be called an acclaimed maker of crime action thrillers especially those dealing with the notorious narcotic world.Though his 'Managaram'focused his view only on thuggery and abuse of police power,his other three films 'Kaithi' 'Master'and the latest,Kamal's mega hit film 'Vikram'have devoutly struck a note of fury against the druglords.However he has attempted to throw light on this dehumanizing theme with different story lines in all the three films.

  It was more than three decades ago,Rajkamal International film house came out with the most memorable film'Vikram' based on writer Sujatha's fiction,bearing the same title.It went into the hands of {late}Rajasekar,a film maker known for direct narration of action bonanzas and reputed for making several hits like Kamal's kaakki Sattai,Rajini's Thambikku Endha Ooru, Mappillai,Padikkadhavan and Dharmadhurai.

  In the earlier Vikram Kamal played the role of a formidable police officer striving to retrieve nuclear missiles diverted for possession by a nefarious gang.{headed by Satyaraj}.Kamal was in his early thirties then.But how ferociously he reappears now as an eagle prying on his devilish targets,with ultimate vigour and dynamism.The soft dimension of a grandfather,filling milk in a feeding bottle for his grandson,is the gentlest breeze in the midst of the huge storm,that occupies the narration of the whole film and keeps the audience stuck to their seats,in most scenes.Tamil cinema is standing proud these days,in perfect Hollywood mode.

  Fahadh Faasil has got a meaty role after the Sivakarthikeyan film 'Velaikaaran' and he has made a robust show of his role,from the beginning till the climax,struggling to bring back life to Kamal's grandson.For Vijay Sethupathi,it is an invigorated continuation of his devilry from 'Master'to'Vikram'.From Bhavani to Sandhaanam,his characterisation is a mustering grip of villainy.Whatever the role is, he always gives the best of his performance.

  Rathnakumar's dialogue adds a significant merit to the film, by enriching an action film with dazzling dialogues.Naren's statement that for an upright police officer who never feared death,fear of life is the biggest punishment and Kamal's agonising affirmation,that one has to wear a mask,even for doing something good,are a few samples,leaving the dialogue component of the film to be cherished in audience memory.

  Women have less role to play here. But how aggressively the woman cop Tina {Vasanthi} pounces like a tigress and kills the bad guys one after the other before herself,getting killed.Santhana Bharathi is always a lovable addition in a Kamal film and here too, he does a neat job in a brief role.Girish Gangadharan's cinematography,and Anirudh's music all take the film to the next level. Every actor including Elango Kumaravel,Kalidhas Jeyaram,Aruldoss and Chemban Vinod Jose,have all made their presence felt.Stunt scenes are just amazing.

  The climax of the film anticipates a sequel by showing Surya in a cameo role as a new avatar of drug mafia attracting Kamal's eagle eye. A lengthy film,but much worthy of a theater watch,thanks to Rajkamal International and Red Giant Movies.



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