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Two Boys from the same school


   It is almost twenty years since the film Boys{2003}of S.Shankar was released.Unlike the grand visual displays of Shankar found in a majority of his films,Boys{like his later film Nanban}was free from mega picturisation of events.But it took the credit for introducing several new faces to Tamil cinema.There were five boys prominently shown and they were Siddarth,Bharath,Nakul,Manikandan and S.Thaman and there were two girls Genelia{who was already known to Hindi Cinema}and Sindhuri.Of the five boys,only two could take the lead in Tamil films and they are Sidharth and Bharath.

  Both Sidharth Suriyanarayan and Bharath Srinivasan hail fromTamil Nadu,one from Chennai and the other from Tiruchirappalli,with an age difference of four years between them.Sidharth had already appeared in an uncredited role in Mani Ratnam's Kannathil Muthamittal.For Bharath,'Boys' was his first show of acting.'Boys'had quite alot of entertaining features centering around the vagaries of youth.It was definitely one of those films that entertained and stuck to our memory,letting the actors of the film take their journey independently,on the roadway to successful display of talents. However, both Sidharth and Bharath could overtake the other boys and retain their own distinct place in Tamil cinema.

  Both Sidharth and Bharath excel in romance,action and comedy generes.But a tragic undercurrent swept through Bharat's role play in films like Nepali, Kadhal and Pattiyal. Incidentally Kadhal which became a box office hit,was also produced by Shankar and was directed by his assistant,Balaji Sakthivel.Kadhal set the way for an authentic approval of the thespian skills of Bharat.Pattiyal was another meek show of Bharat,in the role of a speech and hearing impaired person.

  The two heroes have naturally imbibed the powerful thrust of dialogue delivery, augmenting their spirit of dynamism in acting.But the sharpness  and clarity of Tamil accent is more felt in the dialogue delivery of Sidharth{similar to that of  Ramesh Arvind}.Whereas in the case of Bharath, it is a bold and forceful flow,as we witnessed in Pazhani and Thirtuhani,both films made by Perarasu,who is fond of naming his films after names of places.Both Sidharth and Bharath have acted in the films of Vasantha Balan,the one time assistant director of S.Shankar.

  Vasanthabalan's'Veyil' was a poignant tragic show of two brothers,Pasupathi and Bharath,the elder own slighted by his father on a track of misunderstanding.But the younger brother was found to be doting on his abandoned elder sibling,with deep affection and concern.Veyil was full of heat in exhibiting the course of events surrounding a family,with its blows seriously affecting the life of the pathetic Pasupathi, fraternally supported by Bharath with a genuine bonding of love and empathy.

  Vasanthabalan's Kaviya Thalaivan, inducting Sidharth and Prithiviraj,was a theatrical drama with its inherent aesthetics,enfolding the passionate cry of stage actors for capturing the mood of the audience,through competitive role play, that quite often involves the darker side of scheming,to decimate rivals in their career.Both these films were challenging not only for Vasanthabalan,but also for his heroes Bharath and Sidharth.

  Besides acting in Tamil films Sidharth has done a sizeable number of Telugu films and a couple of Hindi and Malayalam films. Bharath has also been quite active in Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi Cinema.

  Some of the other popular films of Sidharth are,Ayudha Ezhuthu,Kadhalil Sodhappu vadhu Eppadi,Theeya Vela Seiyyanum Kumaru,Aranmanai2,Enakkul Oruvan,Jiggar dhanda,Sivappu Manjal Pachai and Aruvam.For Bharath,apart from the films mentioned above,to his credit he has the two films Emptan Magan and Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moonraam Aandu{both directed by Thirumurugan}.

  Of the two,Emptan Magan was an excellent rural family drama,portraying the delicate and underlying affectionate thread between a rugged father and a refined son.Bharat performed the role of a dedicated and submissive son with sublimity and grace.Emptan Magan could be listed as another memorable film of Bharat, showcasing the talent of the beaming boy,introduced by Shankar.The film displaying Bharat as a devoted son, silently suffering the insults heaped upon him by his rough and tough father, {impressively played by Nassar}reflected the hero's capacity for captivating underplay of emotions.In a father son relationship,his portrayal of character outshone that of his most respected father.

  Chellame was yet another film in which Bharat demonstrated the power of his acting scale at the starting spell of his career. In Chellame he played a negative role,with an obsessive passion for an elder woman,who took care of him from his childhood,after he lost his mother.Bharat's other popular films are Chennai Kaadhal,Koodal Nagar Thambikku Indha Ooru and Kandein Kaadhalai.

  While Bharath's best films are Chellame, Kaadhal,Pazhani,Pattiyal,Emptan Magan, Thambikku Indha Ooru and Kandein Kadhalai,in addition to Boys,Sidharth's stable performance in all the films mentioned in this post,rightly establishes his position on the progressive course of acting.In the most competitive field of cinema,it is naturally a yeoman struggle for many talented actors,to sustain their position.

  History shows how a long list of creditable men and women passed into the dense clouds of competition and got dissipated in the memory of the audience like drops of summer rains.Like Prashanth,Prasanna, Srikanth,Abbas,Shyam,Arun Vijay and many other performers of merit,Sidharth and Bharath are certainly high profile actors capable of climbing up the ladder to stardom,but are waiting for the right ladder to come on their ways. 

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