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Jamuna's gentle acting profile.


   Jamuna one of the prime actresses of Telugu Cinema has also had a scintillating stint in Tamil Cinema,with her captivating eyes and graceful reflection of womanhood.She would have acted in nearly 200 Telugu films but her appearance in Tamil films will be less than 15% of her Telugu contribution.Nevertheless,she made herself memorable in Tamil Cinema too.

  Starting her career in Tamil Cinema,with the film Panam Paduthum Paadu along with N.T.Ramarao and Sowcar Janaki, Jamuna went on to act with topnotch heroes like MGR,Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesan,A.Nageswararao and Jai Shankar.

   Jamuna's single film with MGR was Thai Magalukku Katyiya Thaali.Whereas,with Sivaji Ganesan she made a mark in films like Thenaly Raman,Bommai Kalyanam, Thangamalai Ragasiyam,Nichaya Thamboolam and Marudha Naattu Veeran.Of these,Thangamalai Ragasiyam with the historic P.Suseela's number "Amudhai Pozhiyum Nilave"will live long in audience memory as one of the most remarkable Tamil films of Jamuna.Same is the case with Sridhar's Nichaya Thamboolam showing Sivaji as a suspicious husband and Jamuna as his docile and dignified wife.Songs of T.M.Soundarajan like"Paavaadai Thaavaniyil Paartha Uruvama" and 'Padaithaane Manidhanai Aandavan Padaithaane"will bring the entire theme and narration of the storyline of the film, besides throwing light on the anguished and victimized character of Jamuna.

   Jamuna was paired with Gemini Ganesan in Nalla Theerpu and with Nageswara Rao in films like Thiruttu Raman,Pakka Thirudan and Manidhan Maaravillai.As a spolit daughter of rich and aristocratic parents,Jamuna perfectly fitted into characters in films like Missiamma, Manidhanai Maaravillai and Kuzhandhai yum Dheivamum.In Manidhan Maaravillai it was really a treat to watch her getting transformed into a perfectly understanding wife of Nageswararao from a pampered daughter of a wealthy woman {Sundaribai}who was the incarnation of greed.Manidhan Maaravillai was a breezy movie retold from its original Telugu version.The way Nageswararao would transform his wife Jamuna into a responsible wife was shown with immacculate grace and humour.The song "Kaadhal Yaathiraikku" sung by A.L.Ragavan and P.Suseela,is one of my most heart throbbing tunes from Tamil cinema.

   Kuzhandhaiyum Dheivamum was an excellent film released under the AVM banner.Paired with Jaishankar,an economically ill placed man in the film,Jamuna had to undergo the tormenting ordeal of separation from her husband,whom she ardently loved,on account of her wealth-conscious,snobbish and scheming mother,{neatly played by G.Varalakshmi}.As the title goes,Jaishankar and Jamuna were blessed with two daughters born as identical twins.Owing to the foul scheming of Jamuna's mother,the couple would get separated and the twins{powerfully played by Kutti Padmini} would also be separated between the two parents.The film came to a happy end with the clever daughters suceedding in their contrived moves,towards uniting their parents, besides reforming the attitude and behaviour of their grandmother. 

  Kuzhanthaiyum Dheivamum was one of the brilliant films from AVM Productions and the memories of this wonderful film will be ever haunting audience memory as a great tale well told through the ripe role play of actors like Jaishankar, Jamuna, Nagesh,T.K.Bhagavadhi,G.Varalakshmi, and the cute little girl Kutti Padmini.

  Jamuna's modest performance in that film exhibited her magnificent feminine fortitude and facial felicity.She poignantly brought out the radiance of romance and the ripping pains of love and separation. Songs of the film(Anbulla Mannavare sung by TMS and P.Suseela and the other song Kozhi Oru kootiile,Seval oru  koottile charmingly rendered by M.S.Rajeswari, Naan Nanri Solven En Kangalukku, Pazhamudhircholaiyile and Kuzhandhaiyum Dheivamum Gunathaal Onru all sung by P.Suseela)would perpetuate the grandeur of the film.Above all,this was one of the top most Tamil films of Jamuna,which endeared her more to the Tamil audience.

   Jamuna was last seen in another A.V.M banner film Thoongaadhe Thambi Thoongaadhe as the mother of Kamal in dual roles,again as identical twins . Jamuna's restrictive contribution to Tamil cinema radiates her quality of performance as a multi lingual actor enthralling the Tamil film goers with natural grace in looks and governance in portrayal of roles with control, commitment and concern for meanigful depiction of characters.This post is a special dedication to a former glorious actress,who is in her mid eighties now.


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