Friday, September 8, 2023

Saddening loss of a great Supporting actor


   It is really shocking to know that G.Marimuthu,maker of films like Kannum Kannum and Pulival and a leading supporting actor,has passed away following a massive heart attack while doing dubbing work for the Tamil television serial Edhir Neechal,as per some news paper reports.This sudden death of a very natural and true-to-life actor cannot be taken that easily by Tamil Cinema and Television industry.

   Marimuthu started his film career as an assistant director of Raj Kiran for the films Aranmanai Kili and Ellaame En Raasaathaan.He was also an assistant director for Mani Rathnam,Vasanth,Seeman and S.J.Suriya.It was Myskin's film Yutham Sei that projected him as a notable film actor. This was followed by 'Aarohanam'He was quite fit for performing negative roles with a silent thrust in looks and controlled delivery of dialogues. Marimuthu has acted in a number of films of which Nimirndhu Nil, Komban,Uppu Karuvadu,Marudhu.Bhairava,Kathi Sandai,Veera Sivaji,Pulikuthi Pandi,Kalathil Sandhippom,Sanga Thalaivan are a few that strike the memory of this blog writer. Finally, he did his memorable role as the side kick of Villain Varman {Vinayakan} in Rajini's Jailer.It seems he is also a part of Kamal's upcoming Indian 2

  In two decades Marimuthu has claimed his rightful position as a performing actor capable of taking on all kinds of character roles,good and bad.However, in negative roles he has fixed his profile with greater acceptability and appeal. Now after enrolling himself for the television serial Edhir Neechal, he would have already reached every home as Aadhimuthu Gunasekaran.His passing away would have naturally affected the feelings of most T.V.serial viewers besides upsetting the T.V.series crew 

  Supporting actors need more support from the prominent media and film production houses as well as from top level heroes by way of financial assistance when death knocks at the door most unexpectedly. This post is an endorsement of the blog writer's personal grief over the saddening end of an actor of impressive role play of any role that was assigned to him. May his soul rest in peace.

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