Sunday, September 3, 2023

Homage to R.S.Shivaji



     It is not that easy for s second level comedian and supporting actor to get his image deeply imprinted in audience memory. But R.S.Shivaji breezily carved such an image for himself from his very first film Panneer Pushpangal made by Sandhana Bharathi and P.Vasu. R.S.Shivaji has appeared in a number of Tamil films as the side kick of heroes and comedians and as the personal assistant or security personnel of biggies and politicians.

  Two of his films would be indelibly marked  in the minds of the audience.One was Rajini Kanth's Maappillai in which Rajini would be terribly angry with Amala for having identified him to the Police. Drunken Rajini and his friend R.S.Shivaji would jump over the compound wall of the lady's hostel and enter Amala's room. Every time when Rajini would tell Amala"you touched my nose and showed me to the police"and would be falling on Amala,losing his balance,he would ask Shivaji"Hey hold me hold me man"(ஏய் பிடிடா,பிடிடா,பிடிடா!)one could see the ruffled reactions of Shivaji in struggling to prevent Rajini from falling on Amala.It was a scene that would have created a hilarious uproar in the theaters.

  The other film was Kamal's 'Abhoorva Sagodharargal'in which R.S,Shivaji would appear as a constable assisting sub inspector Janakaraj. Everytime when Janakaraj said or did something,instantly R.S Shivaji would shower his flattering words on his senior and say,"You have gone somewhere to a new height my Lord" (தெய்வமே, எங்கயோ போயிட்டீங்க!) and this would every time make Janakaraj elated besides inducing the audience to great moments of laughter.

    R.S.Shivaji would have done more number of films with Kamal than with Rajinikanth of which Abhoorva Sagodharargal,Michael Madhana Kamarajan,Vikram Sathya,Guna,Anbe Sivam,Kalaignan,Magalir Mattum and Pammal K.Sambandham would top the list.His other notable films include Thambikku Entha Ooru,Mounam Sammadham,My Dear Marthaandan, Vietnaam Colony,Chinna Vaadhiyaar,Jeyam Kondan,Villain,Poove Unakkaaga and Kandein Kadhalai

  Two most recent mentionable films of R.S.Shivaji were Kolamaavu Kokila as the father of Nayanthara and Gargi as the father of Sai Pallavi.In the latter he did the role of a security staff of an apartment complex and that of a detestable child molester in a case that would unveil his involvement in the crime only in the climax,thereby shattering the regard that his daughter had for him.

   R,S,Shivaji is a calm and composed actor bearing mischief quite often covered under the cloud of sobriety. His looks through his spectacles would speak a lot. It is always a pleasure to recognize and remember the quality and skill of actors doing roles with restricted time span in a film. R.S.Shivaji has surpassed the barrier of time limitation and his passing away would hardly let his profile and performance calibre pass away from audience memory. He definitely finds an inerasable place in the history of Tamil cinema. This post places on record,a dedicated homage to R.S.Shivaji.




  1. Nice tribute. May he attain peace 🙏

  2. ☀️தெய்வமே, எங்கயோ போயிட்டீங்க!🙏🏻

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