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Sterling and sensible Sriprya.


   Women performers of dynamic roles in Tamil Cinema are of a unique kind,since the days of P.Bhanumathi.In the line of Bhanumathi,there was a long line of actors like Sowcar Janaki,Jeyalalitha,Sujatha and Jeya chithra.They would belong to this category of high spirited acting,unlike Anjalidevi,Savithri,Padmini,Devika, K.R.Vijaya, Jamuna,Lakshmi,Sri Vidya and Poornima Jeyaram,whose acting calibre would abound in modesty and subdued feminine grace.

  Contrary to these two categories,there was an actess who combined sterling notes of feminism with feminine sweetness and that was Sriprya who started her acting career in 1974,with her first four films Murugan Kaattiya Vazhi,Aval Oru Thodar Kadhai,Unnaithaan Thambi and Panathukkaaga.

  In Aval Oru Thodar Kadhai she created a remarkable impression as the widowed sister of Sujatha,falling in love with her sister's lover that led to her marriage with him on account of her sacrificing sister. Though her first Sivakumar film was Panathukkaaga her other notable films with that handsome hero were,Pattik kaattu Raja,Thangathile Vairom,Aan Pillai Singam,Avan Aval Adhu &Aattukkara Alamelu.Interestingly,her given name itself is said to be Alamelu.It was this Devar film,that catapulted her image as a  high spirited,fire brand woman,capable of fighting male chauvinism tooth and nail,and establish the gusto of feminine might.

  Sri Priya's only MGR film was Nava Rathnam starring MGR and Latha.In that film,she played the role of a call girl pushed to sex trade,owing to victimized romance and unwed motherhood.How MGR reformed her life on hearing her pathetic life story,made Sri Priya's role in the film an impressive segment of the film. Incidentally,Navarathnam was the only MGR film directed by A.P.Nagarajan.

   But with Sivaji Ganesan,Sri Priya has acted in more number of films starting from Vetrikku Oruvan and travelling with the Chevalier in films like sangili,Thiri soolam,Lorry Driver Rajajannu,Yama nukku Yaman,Amara Kaviyam,Madiveettu Yezhai,Sathya Sundaram,Vasanthathil Oer Naal,Chiranjeevi and Oorukku Oru Pillai. Three of her Jaishankar films were Paa  laabishegam,Mayor Meenakshi,Ullathil Kuzhandhaiyadi,Chakravarthi,Thotta thellaam Ponnaagum,and Vaazha Ninaithal Vaazhalam.

   Sri Priya's dynamic acting career was split between Kamalahasan and Rajini kanth. Another spicy factor of this combination is about films like Aadupuli Aattam,Ilamai Oonjalaadukiradhu and Aval Appadithaan,in which she became the conflict of interest between the two. It should be mentioned here that Sri Priya got the best actress award for her role play in Aval Appadithaan.Her other film with the duo was Allaudinum Arpudha Vilakkum.

  Besides Ilamai Oonjalaadukiradhu,her special Kamal films were,Sattam En Kaiyyil,Savaal, Neeya,Vaazhve Mayam,Ram Lakshman,Moham Muppadhu Varusham, Mangala Vaadhiyam, Enakkul Oruvan, Mariya My darling,Pakadai Panirendu and Simla Special.She did equal number of films with Rajinikanth too. Her most prominent Rajini films were Bhairavi, Thaai Meethu Sathyam,Annai Or Aalayam, Maangudi Minor,En Kelvikku Enna Badhil, Thanikkaattu Raja,Thee,Pollaadhavan and the historic film Billa.In that gangster film Billa,Sri Priya was in her fiery fighting spirit with ebullient energy equal to that of Rajinikanth.

  Sriprya's films also include those that she did with Vijayakumar,(Palootti Valartha Kili besides Aval Oru Thodar Kadhai and Mangudi Minor) Vijayakanth(Kudumbam) Vijayan(Kanneer Pookal),Pratap Pothen (Karaiyellaam Senbagapoo)and Sarath Babu(Kannil Theriyum Kadhaikal).Ulmost a majority of the films of Sri Priya have been listed in this post.But the fact that she is a strong willed actor,is what matters here.

 Sripriya is one among the salient women performers of Tamil cinema,with a very decent body language and an exemplary grip over verbal thrust.She was always clear headed in deliverig her roles be it that of a young widow craving for a new family life,or a helpless woman fighting against menfolk in retaining her feminine grace and modesty.Her dynamic roles were in films like Aval Appadithaan,Ilamai Oonjalaadukiradhu,Savaal,Annai Oer Aalayam,Aattukkara Alamelu and Billa.

   In the more than one hundred films that Sripriya has acted,either as the main heroine or second heroine, she came under the inspiration and influence of eminent directors like K.Balachander, K.S.Gopala krishnan,P.Madhavan,C.V.Sridhar, C.V.Rajendran,A.C.Thirulokchandar,  Krishnan Panju,Mukta V.Srinivasan, K.Vijayan,Billa.R.Krishnamurthy, R.Thiaga rajan,Devaraj Mohan and a few others. Starting from Sivaji Ganesan she has acted with all her cotemporary heroes,boldly staking her due claim like P.Bhanumathi and Jeyalalitha.Her multiple entries were of course with Sivaji Ganesan, Kamala hasan and Rajinikanth.

  Sripriya has also done roles with a natural sense of comedy,in films like Simla Special and Odi Vilaiyaadu Thatha.One can categorically state that Sripriya remains as one of the truest and most prominent contributors to Tamil Cinema,with a keen perception of her character and deep involvement in role delivery.She has consistently remained as a very sterling and sensible actor.This post proudly acknowledges the merits of Sripriya as a powerfully performing actress.


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