Saturday, November 6, 2021

A powerful drive on a battered road


   The superstar's films are eagerly expected mostly for their show of extraordinary energy that he alone is capable of.It is because,age itself is afraid of him about his capacity for recharging his battery for performance.Rajinikanth means uninterrupted flow of energy.Sun Pictures'Annaathe sustains only because of this singular power speciality.

 The film's three vital organs are,Rajinikanth's throbbing utterances of dialogue and his usual style of agile frame as the heart,the highly competitive musical score of D.Imman as the lungs and the exceptionally striking dialogues in many scenes as the brain.Otherwise,as Vadivelu humorously says in one film,the building is strong but its basement is weak.

 Siva's films are always remarkable for speed in narration,as in the case of film maker Hari.Annaathe begins with the beautiful one liner of Rajinikanth saying,life is like a newborn child.How true it is!It is applicable to the superstar himself.His role play is newborn in every film as if with new limbs,for a rare physical show and vigorous verbal thrust.His other catchy dialogues are shot frequently at Prakash Raj and finally against Jagabathi Babu about choosing a friend and enemy.

  In between,Prakash Raj himself comes out with a fresh and sensible thought,stating that if a drop of poison can spoil an entire container of milk,it is also true that a drop of holy water can purify a whole container of water.In the course of narration,we also hear maxims like fairness is superior to truth and affection surpasses everything in life.On the whole,dialogues are the beautiful beams of the building called Annaathe.

  If the roles of Kushbu Sundar and Meena could be considered as superfluous additions,just to honour their unforgettable and dynamic association with the Superstar as his past female stars,the purpose of their roles adds a ruckus of humour effectively handled by the hero and the green parrot Soori.Keerthi Suresh as the beloved sister of the hero,is perfectly meek and mindful about her performace. The second half of the film reflects new zones of creativity in violence.Jagapathi Babu seems to have replayed his butcher's role in Bhairava.

  If Siva's Viswasam captivatingly told the tale of a father and daughter,Annaathe speedily runs on the beaten and battered road of  sibling intimacy.There is a huge amount of energy.There is action;there is a profuse dose of sentiment.But as the track is weak,the driving suffers jolts too.However, the Superstar powerfully manages the driving with his enviable show of enormous energy despite his age.Annaathe carries the audience on his powerfully driven vehicle for a two hours and forty three minutes drive, bringing the journey to an abrupt end,leaving the calm and docile Nayanthara in the lurch and not letting Annathe meet his dear sister's husband.

  The first part of the film was a complete plate of sweets and the second part,a huge banana leaf of spicy biriyani,with incredible ingredients. Even an often told story can prove to be tasty,if the presentation is different. Director Siva has mixed the old tale with his talent for narration,reposing his great faith in the Superstar to fill the loopholes.