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Two heroes of Tamil Cinema in a close up shot.


   Tamil cinema has its good looking heroes,performing heroes and both.There were years when power of looks overpowered performance.But today cinema in general,has travelled very far,to showcase life's realities and mind's mysteries,with a tremendous thrust on the technical parameters of film making.It dwells upon the untold intricacies of character presentation,enabling the actors to get into the characters,as naturally as possible,without any dramatic or sentimental tags.The pages of dialogues that the actors of the last millennium had to memorise and deliver,have been minimised into a kind of short messaging system.

  This tongue-saving new approach lets heroes of today,move forward with their physical and verbal simplicity.It is the action sequence that determines the power and position of many heroes today. In this light,the present article proposes to bring into a close up watch,two action heroes who have been considerably contributing their might to Tamil Cinema,as heroes with a certain amount of similarity,as well as with notable difference in their profiles.They are Vishal and Arya.

  As heroes of Tamil cinema,both Vishal and Arya could be called close contemporaries. Vishal is a couple of years older than Arya and appeared straight as hero in the film Chellame in 2004.His father G.K Reddy's longstanding association with the film field, would have smoothened his process of entry into Tamil Cinema.Arya born as Jamshad Cethirakathi in Trikaripur,Kasargode district in Kerala,became Arya in Ullam Ketkume which was preceded by his next entry Arindhum Ariyamalum directed by Vishnuvardhan.

  Starting his film career as the rogue-cum-adopted son of Prakashraj,who played the role of an enchanting rowdy father,the casual performance of Arya earned him the warming reception of a wider section of audience.Arindhum Ariyaamalum was released in 2005 and was soon followed by his 'debut' film Ullam Ketkume.

   Vishal and Arya would both fall under the category of dynamic action heroes.The chief  difference between them in their action  manuel,is the power of decibel in the case of Vishal,to convey his anger and fury against his antagonists and the charming counter action mode of Arya,in handling his rivals.Vishal's force of rendering brief dialogues and the incomparable sweetness of Arya in using his tongue for delivery of dialogues,are the two distinctly opposite dimensions,in the execution of their action programme.

  Both Sandakozhi and Thimiru brought forth the amazing voice wield of Vishal. In contrast,Arya meddled with his fellow actors with an absolute stroke of mischief starting from Arindhum Ariyamalum,through films like Vettai, Settai, Pattiyal and Vattaaram.Vishal continued his male nonchalance and muscle power in quite a number of films such like Thamirabaharani,Vedi,Malaikkottai,Sathyam,Poojai, Amabala,Pattathu Yaanai and Kadhakali.

    Arya continued his charismatic journey through delivering roles as compactly as possible,in films like Kalaabha Kaadhalan,Raja Rani,Aarambam and Kaappaan.Arya has a flair for generating effortless humour with ease and comfort in role play,reflected in almost all his films,especially in Boss Engira Bhaskaran,Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga and Raja Rani.The first two were robust romantic comedies with Arya and Santhanam taking the audience to roars of laughter.The two films made by M.Rajesh,overflowed with the revelling one liners of Santhanam and the happy-go- lucky take backs of Arya.

  Arya has an endearing profile taking him closer to the audience whther it is a full length hero role,or a secondary hero character,or just a cameo appearance.In fact, Arya is the only hero who has made maximum cameo appearances.Nearly one third of his films belong to this category.His other popular entries were Orampo,Sarvam, Yatchan,Kadamban,Gajiniganth and Magamuni.   

  Variety in character portrayal has come in the films of Arya.Bala who is a film maker celebrated for delving into rare and untrodden realms of creativity,inducted Arya in his film Naan Kadavul,in which the hero was assigned the role of an Aghori. Arya essayed the challenging role with his innate felicity for donning any different role with his well driven acting zeal.Despite his amazing performance,Arya missed the National award though his maker Bala got it for his best direction.However, Arya won the Filmfare award for his daring depiction of the role of Aghori.

  It was a show of ruckus by Vishal and Arya as half brothers,in the film Avan Ivan, made again by Bala.Vishal as Walter Vanangamudi and Ariya as Kumbiduren Samy created an uproar in every scene of their apearance in a mood of competitive rivalry, challenging each other's sibling strength.It was a different film for Bala and the noisy drama potraying the Vijay Super singer voice expert Anand Vaidyanathan as the helpless husband,caught in between his two warring wives {Ambika and Prabha Ramesh the the dominant mothers of Vishal&Arya respectively} presented the two heroes as petty thieves,indulging in frequent battling mode.Incidentally,both these sprightly action heroes have shared screen space once again in the recently released film 'Enemy'

   Besides Sandakozhi and Thimiru,some of the distinctly qualitative films of Vishal were Paandiya Naadu,Paayum Puli,Naan Sigappu Manidhan,Irumbu Thirai and Thupparivaalan. Marudhu was a rural drama with crude feud and vengeance,in the line of films like Komban and Karuppan.For Arya besides Arindhum Ariyaamalum and Kalaaba Kaadhalan,his films with variety in theme and performance potential were,Pattiyal,Vattaaram,Maegamann,Vettai,Raja Rani,Naan Kadavul and the most recent Saarpatta Parambarai.Both Raja Rani and Kaappaan were double hero films like Avan Ivan and Enemy.Sarpattaa Parambarai exhibited Arya's myriad shades of acting mettle with his well made physique going in for boxing bytes in the midst of his typsy blows.
  Unlike Vishal who has consistently given action dramas,Arya has travelled into different zones for variety in role play.The chief difference between the two heroes is the action component remaining in an open field in the case of Vishal and lying hidden with its unseen layers and unpredicatable leaps in that of Arya.Both are physically well built  heroes,though the muscle power is obviously more prominent in Vishal.In stunt scenes,Vishal's vigour and speed are always an incomparable and fascinating visual treat.

   Vishal's demonstration of crime and punishment creates visible impact in the minds of the audience,with fiery touches both in body language and dialogue delivery.But Arya is capable of winning over his rivals with a kind of gullible innocence hiding the agenda of action as a suspense follow up.It is still a long way to go for both the heroes. one as an aggressive lion and the other as a hiding tiger waiting for its prey to pounce upon.Unlike Vishal who donned the role of a punishable playboy in Theeraadha Vilaiyaattu Pillai, Arya is always a seemingly credulous youth with his power packed programme of action,ready to grab roles of variety,with a cake walk style.
   Though the comparison of the two popular heroes is an accidental design of the blog writer,after the kickstart of the post,it appeared to be a logical move,on account of the possibilities of comparison yardsticks,such as their age factor,time of entry on the big screen,their preference for being action heroes and their being together in two films as fellow heroes.

  Significantly,Vishal and Arya are seasoned heroes,one with his roars and the other with his rhythms for demonstrating their performance potential.The audience and fans of the two heroes,must be looking forward to many more films that could display their acting profiles,in accordance with the nature of roles offered to them and the dynamics and nuances that they infuse into their role play,besides the hand of fortune putting them into the creative fold of eminent film makers.This blog writer wishes them,best times ahead.


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