Saturday, May 28, 2022

Double Love,not double whammy


"Double double toil and trouble

 Fire burn and cauldron bubble'

   This is a captivating couplet from Shakespeare's famous play Macbeth.Love is both a doubling delight and a double edged knife.We have seen the sober side of men caught between two women in a few films of Sivaji Ganesan and Gemini Ganesan.On the lighter side there was Balu Mahendra's robust comedy film Rettai Vaal Kuruvi {1987}{based on the American film Micki and Maude} showing Mohan rejoicing his romantic routine between Archana and Radhika.Vignesh Shivan's 'Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kadhal' released on disney+hotstar platform  celebrates this refreshing theme by letting Vijay Sethupathi shuttle his romantic days and nights between Samantha and Nayantara.

  Right from the start,the comedy element is predominant with an onslaught theory of jinx falling as a curse,towards breaking the marriage prospects of all members of a family including the father of Vijay Sethupathi who had the guts to marry a school teacher but who fell dead by a slip,after his son was born.After this,the young boy's mother also falls sick and the gossip runs round the village that the boy is ulucky and cursed..But his sick mother tells him that one day or other,luck will come to him in doubles and it will not just rain but pour.However,the boy decides to leave his mother and his village once far all,so that his ill luck that deprives him even from rains and chocolate ice creams does not affect his loved ones.

  All these events are shown as brief and flying flashes through narration,by different voices including that of Prabu a T.V anchor,who resorts to a bluffing theory of dissociation disorder affecting the hero,now grown up as an appealing youth,caught in the romantic rings of two women,in the guise of Samantha and Nayantara.Prabu even seeks the help of a bogus psychiatrist{Ragavendhar}to vouchsafe his view of a weird mental condition.Interestingly,Prabu's dissociation disorder affirmation is thwarted by the hero in the T.V sets itself,by his categorical declaration,"I love you {too}two"by looking at both his women.It is this punning utterance {two&too} of Vijay Sethupathi told simultaneously to both Samanta and Nayantara that causes instant laughter.

  For a very casual actor like Vija Sethupathi any role is easy but conflicting roles are easier.He is a special actor in his voice modulation and what is more special about him is the way he creates the effect of his role needed,without seemingly exerting himself in any form.To make oneself impressive to the audience without unnecessarily straining one's body and mind,is the rarest mode of performance for any actor and it is this hat trick that drives Vijay Sethupathi through the success roads.The one scene where he happens to strain his performance,is his assertive declaration of his love for both the women by referring to his love for both Kamal and Rajini and of course in this process he only irritates his two women more.

  Samantha and Nayantara cut each other down as breezily as possible with their unique facial power projections duly supported by one or two words and they do it to their extreme fascinating levels.The scene showing Vijay Sethupathi taking Nayantara for a round in his car and showing her the whole of India and even Niagara falls,is a special piece of romantic imagination of Vignesh Shivan.

  To deal with a ticklish theme without bordering on sex,{excepting the almond pista references}is not that easy.KRK is definitely a different film,though the length of the film could have been pruned.The climax has been rightly chiselled out and displayed with sense and sensibility.Anirudh has cast his magic spell of music,both in the songs and in his background score.I love you too/{Aniruth}two{Vignesh Shivan and Anirudh}.Thanks to disney+hotstar for this happy go lucky watch.


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